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Buying Guide: Kitchen Backsplashes

Glass backsplash via Euroglass The backsplash - the cladding for the wall behind your kitchen counter - has become one of many focal points in the contemporary kitchen. Although we probably overestimate the need to protect this wall from the rogue splashes and spills that can result from food...


Buying Guide: Kitchen Exhaust Fans

The name of this island hood says it all: Thermador Masterpiece Series ($3699), via Although they've been around for decades, kitchen exhaust fans took flight as an essential component in the 1990s and are now comfortably ensconced on the list of kitchen bling. It's with good...


Buying Guide: Exterior Lighting

Soho pendant light via MarsetNight lighting is a relatively new phenomenon in society: only in the 20th century did readily available electricity "illuminate" our days past the usual 14-16 hours to ones that could last for 24. This newfound freedom sparked a massive cultural shift, but it also came...


Buying Guide: Countertops

Kitchen countertops have evolved from a primitive animal pelt on the ground (it's true!) to rudimentary wooden tables to the strategically positioned work spaces we enjoy today. Since countertops play a starring role in kitchen plans, expressing both our design sensibility and our lifestyle choices,...


Buying Guide: Toilets

Back in the roaring twenties, trailblazing decorator Elsie de Wolfe called it the "unspeakable" that designers couldn't find a way to disguise one of the most essential household appliances: the toilet. Elsie even mused that it might be best for society to return to the outhouse - keep the...


Buying Guide: Arm Chairs

"Arm chairs are one of the most functional ways to add style to a room and show off your personality," says Paula Velez, project designer at LUX Design in Toronto. Here are Velez's tips for choosing chairs. How many? Consider the space and function of the room before buying chairs. In a living...


Buying Guide: High Chairs

There are a few baby items that are pretty necessary when prepping for your new bundle of joy; and a high chair is high on that list. Navigating the mess of styles can be pretty daunting, so be aware and don't just opt for the prettiest. After all, you could be using the same chair for years....


Buying Guide: Changing Tables

There are two main functions of a baby's change table: number one, it stores all your baby-changing necessities (diapers, creams, wipes and extra clothing). Number two, the change table is where the diaper changing actually takes place. It's important to find a change table that suits your needs as...


Buying Guide: Gliders

Ah, the Rocking Chair. The quintessential nursery always has one and brings to mind the image of softly soothing and rocking baby to sleep. But like anything newborn-related, it's not all about decor - there are a few important things to look for when buying a glider. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle...

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