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Top 5 Friday: Essential Indoor-Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

When purchasing items for our backyard, I usually find myself thinking about whether these pieces are really worth the investment seeing as our summers are so unpredictable. I always try to find ways of extending the life of seasonal furniture and accessories by choosing pieces that look stylish...

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Must-Have Garden Tools and Accessories

When it comes to garden tools, you get what you pay for. Buy the best tools you can afford. Poor quality tools bend, twist and break. Spending a little more on quality means you will have your tools for a lifetime instead of a season. Here is our list of essentials: Spade or Shovel A spade has a...


Front Porch Makeover, Part 5: Outdoor Furniture and Accessories, and the Big Reveal

Last month, tired of perpetually peeling paint and constant clutter, my husband and I decided to DIY a front porch makeover. The first step was literally the first step: The stairs needed a complete rebuild. Next, two complementary shades of fresh exterior paint, and cheerful, inviting outdoor...

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Top 5 Friday: Whimsical Kitchen and Dining Accessories

Entertaining at home -- whether you're hosting a dinner party or just spooning up mac and cheese for your family -- is all about having fun, sharing food and relaxing with folks you love. Sure, there are times when it becomes more formal, people dress up and your styling is more elaborate (and...

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Top 5 Friday: Double Duty Tabletop Accessories You Won't Regret Buying

Let's face it, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who love to throw parties and those who would rather be invited to one! Personally, I'm in the former camp, where I can let my cooking and decorating skills shine. Whichever side you find yourself on there are times when we will all...

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