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5 Mistakes of First Time Buyers (And How to Avoid Them)

  Buying your first home can be exciting and amazing, and scary. But knowing the common mistakes of first-time buyers will ensure you don't make the same ones, and can help make the transition to "New Home Owner!" that much smoother.   1) Spending Too Much It's important to be realistic...


5 Things to Consider Before Tackling a Home Renovation

  Renovating your home can be thrilling and when the results are exactly what you wanted, there's nothing more satisfying. But they can also be stressful and costly, in both time and money. Here are five things to consider before undergoing a renovation, whether the job is big, or small....


Smart Energy Choices to Stretch Your Reno Dollars

 "That's going to be how much!?"  Renovation decisions can often cause pocketbook stress, but incorporating these energy-efficient ideas can actually improve your bottom line in the long run. That goes for new-construction as well. SOS for homeownersHave you heard of the saveONenergy NEW...


What Type of Landlord Will You Be? Scott McGillivray’s Advice

With 15 years of real estate investing and eight seasons of Income Property under my belt, I've leaned a thing or two about investment properties. I encourage just about everyone I meet to jump into the game and become a landlord (and almost everyone I work with already has), but rentals aren't...


Working with Contractors

Probably the number one email request I get from fans tends to go a little something like this: "Scott! Can you please come fix my basement/re-do my kitchen/reno my bathroom? If not, do you know any contractors in [my town] that you can recommend?" The reality is, I can't come and reno everyone's...


Summer Colour Trends for Garage Doors

Do your garage doors need a pick-me-up after a long, harsh winter? Painting them is the perfect summer renovation project, but there are a few things you should know before you pick a shade. Garage doors should blend in visually with the rest of your home's exterior, so it's best to save the bright...


Mike Holmes on Tiling

Photo Credit: Alex Schuldt, The Holmes Group Floors account for more surface area than anything else in a home, other than walls and ceilings. They set the tone for living spaces, including kitchens, bathrooms and main traffic areas, like the entrances to homes. And tiling can add a lot to those...


Mike Holmes on Fireplaces

Photo Credit: Alex Schuldt, The Holmes Group A fireplace can be a great focal point to any room. It can increase a home's appeal and transform cold living spaces into cozy retreats. And once cold weather sets in, nothing can remind you more of warmer days gone by than the right fireplace. Most...


What Key Elements of the Home will Increase Resale Value?

Resale value is now always considered when a potential buyer is deciding upon a home to purchase. The ongoing debate is always - where is one's money best spent to increase the value of the home? Budgets play a big part in a renovation and I see too many "all-in" renovations... In other words,...


Top Five Things To Think About Before You Buy…

Buying a home is generally an exciting adventure - the thrill of finding a home that you and your family can enjoy, where you will raise your children, make friends - all the good things that home ownership. But there are several things that you should consider before setting down your hard earned...

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