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Six Deadly Sins of DIY Projects

By Bryan Baeumler


Six Deadly Sins of DIY Projects

Disaster DIY host and professional contractor, Bryan Baeumler, shares with the six deadly sins of DIY projects you should avoid.

  1. Time: DIY’ers  think they can renovate a bathroom or kitchen, build a deck or finish a basement in a weekend or in the evenings after work. They can't. People often underestimate how long it takes to do a job properly. It takes even longer to learn how to do things right - I don't know many people who learned to walk in a weekend!

  2. Money: Buying the proper materials costs money. Hiring a professional costs money. There are so many variables in a renovation that it's almost impossible to foresee all the costs. People don't understand that for every dollar that’s saved, if it's done wrong, it will end up costing more than double to fix it properly.

  3. Skill: It takes lots of practice, trial and error to set straight and level tiles, create seamless joints in drywall or install trim or crown molding. But people buy a book, watch a show, put on a toolbelt - and abracadabra - they're experts. Except they’re not.

  4. Planning: Proper planning will result in a smooth(er) renovation. A lot of weekend warriors are the “shoot first” type. There's only one way to plan a project: design, destroy, rebuild - in that order.

  5. Mess: Renovation is a war - on dirt. A lot of people expect thousands of pounds of lathe and plaster to come down without creating a mess. Clean up regularly – it's easier to see what you're doing and it's safer. When it comes to laying drop sheets, try taping up plastic sheets to keep dust down - an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold.

  6. Enjoyment: When starting a DIY project, many people have expectations that far exceed the reality of the project. When the honeymoon's over and the DIYer realizes that the project will take more time, more money and more skill to get the job done properly – that's when the problems begin. The job is either left unfinished or finished incorrectly because it was rushed. Doing your own home renovation project is like getting married – you've got to know what you're getting into. There will be good days and there will be bad days. It’s important that once you tear down that wall, you stay committed and do the very best you can.

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