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Common Renovating Costs: Kitchen and Bath

By Julia Black


Common Renovating Costs: Kitchen and Bath

Many of us haven’t the slightest idea of how much it really costs to undergo a basic home renovation, let alone a complete overhaul.

In our Renovating Costs series, we outline how much you can expect to spend for just about any project you plan to take on.

  • It has become a common belief that a finished bathroom and kitchen are a wise investment for resale. Although these rooms will likely turn out to be most costly of renovations, they are undoubtedly worth it. To begin, you may be considering new countertops.
  • A Natural Stone (eg. Marble, Granite) is most costly, at approximately $100 per square foot to supply and install.
  • There are many factors that will influence the price, such as the thickness, nosing, cuts, angles, etc.
  • Therefore, it’s safe to budget $80 per square foot for your basic ¾” thick, no nosing, with one sink cutout.

  • A Man-Made stone or solid-surface, for example, Quartz or Corian, respectively, is similar to natural stone and priced at approximately $75-$100 square foot, supply and install.  No sealing is required.
  • Butcher’s Block Wood is relatively less costly at $60 to $80 square foot for supply and install.

  • Natural oil sealants are required periodically for adequate upkeep.

  • A laminate surface, such as Arborite is equally cost efficient at $25 to $50 square foot supply and install.

  • Concrete countertops are a little more complex. Firstly, a sufficient weight-bearing base cabinet must be in place to properly support the countertop.
  • Once a template is made, the concrete is poured into the molding to be cast, it is further reinforced and left to dry to be polished and sealed. 
  • There are various styles to select from, depending on how much of a texture you wish for.
  • In general the price for a custom concrete countertop is $70 to $90 per square foot.

  • Stainless Steel ranks highest in price at approximately $120 per square foot, supply and install.
  • A backsplash of Natural Stone slab costs approximately $80 to $100 per linear foot, supply and install.
  • Whereas stone tiles, whether they be 2x4, 3x6, or 2x12, generally costs $25to $40 per square foot in labor while the material can range from $2 a square foot, all the way up to $100 a square foot, depending on the rarity of the stone. 
  • An average sized kitchen with an average 40x40 square foot backsplash space will cost around $700 in labor.

  • A ceramic or porcelain tile will cost approximately $20 a square foot for both supply and install.
  • You can find fantastic ceramic subway tiles for approximately $4 a square foot.

  • Glass tiles run about $25 a square foot, not including material as that can range from $10 to $80 a square foot, depending on color, clarity and purity of the glass.

  • Mosaic tiles and any ornate or custom detailing will generally cost $25 a square foot in labour, and this price may go up or down depending on the intricacy and time commitment of the pattern.

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