As one of HGTV’s most popular shows, in it’s seventh season, Real Reno’s continues to deliver the goods on what it’s really like to renovate.

As we watch master contractor Jim Caruk open up his world, no other show takes you behind the scenes the way Real Reno’s does…revealing what really happens when the homeowners aren’t looking.

Jim’s a little older, the jobs are a lot bigger, but some things never change. There are the usual erratic trades, weather delays, and on-site errors that make a million dollar renovation even more fraught than the jobs Jim used to do. 

The focus, as always, is renovating from the contractors point of view. Other shows focus on clients and their dreams of what they want, but Real Reno’s looks at what it actually takes to get those jobs done. And, the bigger the job, the less room for error.

This is true verité, where neither he nor we actually know the outcomes until they happen — which truly differentiates the show. Because in Real Reno’s real life renovations, you will never learn how to put up drywall or plumb a sink, but you will learn what it’s like to truly experience a renovation. 

Real Reno’s is the true story of turning paper dreams into real homes, told through the eyes of a likeable, amiable but stressed-out pro. Once again it’s a very bumpy ride.

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