Ep. 12: Decorating a Toddler’s Bedroom

By Samantha Pynn


About a third of children experience sleep issues so here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re decorating your toddler’s bedroom:

  • If there's even a chance your child can climb out of the crib, it's time for a bed. Place your child’s bed against a wall and in full view of the doorway to give them a feeling of security.
  • If possible, the bedroom should be a sleep-only zone. If you have the space, create a play zone in another room, and keep toys there so when you put your child to bed, they know it’s time for sleep and not play. Of course, those soft and cuddly toys that encourage snuggling and sleep can stay.
  • It’s a good idea to choose a relaxing colour for the walls. Avoid bright reds or yellows in sleep zones, and opt for softer hues of blue or creams instead.
  • Keep in mind that toddlers are not really able to appreciate complex visuals, so if you have your heart set on a detailed wall mural, it might be wise to wait until your toddler is a preschooler – or even older. And, if your youngster flips for some cartoon image you expect will be a temporary thing, choose pictures instead of painting their image on the wall. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in the room, so if you are happy with the décor, that feeling is going to be communicated to your child. Make sure that you enjoy the design scheme as well.
  • When your child is crawling, be sure to add a non-slip pad underneath floating carpets to avoid accidents.
  • When children are crawling, a bookcase may seem like a big ladder - ready for climbing. It’s a good idea to screw any bookcases to the wall and do the same for any piece of furniture that could easily topple over.
  • Your child’s favourite, most often used toys should live on lower shelves, in lower drawers, or on the floor. Higher levels are designated for less-frequently-used possessions and/or toys that you don’t want them to have easy access to (noisy toys, toys with many pieces, Grandma’s prized teddy bear collection etc).
  • In terms of styling, group similarly coloured toys together but let’s face it, it will get messed up – that’s just the way it is! As the child grows, and preferences change, you can rotate the items he or she has access to. When you rotate them, you can purge things they no longer play with and donate them to charity, or give them to other children you know.
Eco Tips:
  • A wool carpet is great for a toddler’s room because there is no off-gassing, so it’s safe for him/her to crawl around on and it’ll be really soft on the knees as well.  
  • Wicker blinds add texture and interest to a toddler’s bedroom, and can stay in the room as the child grows. Wicker is a great choice because it’s a natural and renewable resource that’s very durable.

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