Modern Bird Feeder

By Gerald Nimchuk


Modern Bird Feeder

Give your feathered friends some seriously stylish digs. Make this modern bird feeder.


1-1/4" galvanized finishing nails

1-3/4" galvanized finishing nails

assorted cuts of 1/2" birch plywood

assorted pieces of 1/8" clear or coloured Plexiglas

small drawer organizer (3" x 3" or alternative plastic container)

clear acrylic rod 3/8" diameter

wood glue

clear silicone

water sealer or exterior latex paint (optional)

1 piece of 3/4" galvanized conduit 8' in length

Tools Required:

200 grit sandpaper


utility knife


3/8" drill bit





1. Glue and clamp pieces of 1/2" plywood together to form two 1" thick pieces (one piece approx. 6" x 9" and another approx. 5" x 11").

2. Cut a square hole near the end of the longer 1" base to insert and hold your container (swimming pool).

3. Cut 11 pieces of acrylic rod approx. 1 1/2" long each.

4. Drill corner 'fence post' holes with the 3/8" bit approx. 3/8" deep.

5. Cut strips of Plexiglas approx. 5/8" wide to fit between acrylic posts and glue into place with a small bit of silicone.

6. Box in the 'main floor'. Glue two pieces of clear Plexiglas at 90 degrees and box in the rest of the floor using pieces of 1/2" plywood. Leave about a ¼" gap at the bottom of the front Plexiglas wall in order to release the seeds.

7. Drill a slot in the top of the roof directly over the boxed in feed holder and create a cover (penthouse) that slots into the hole. This provides filling access.

8. Insert another piece of Plexiglas, on the inside of the feed chamber, so that it angles towards the front and promotes the seed to exit the front of the feeder.

9. Nail down the 1" roof at a 90 degree offset to the base. This will act as the overhang for the bird perches.

10. Drill three evenly spaced holes into the side of the base, directly in front of the feed chamber. Insert three pieces of acrylic rod into the holes for perches.

11. Install the upper balcony much like the one on the base.

12. Seal the plywood with paint or water sealer to protect from the elements.

13. Insert the water container and fill the chamber with seed.

Topics: DIY, Craft, Project, Outdoor

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