DIY Holiday Ornament Wreath

By Sarah Jones


Holiday Ornament Wreath

Nothing says the holidays like bright ball ornaments. This project will show you how to transform these popular holiday decorations into a stunning wreath. You would never believe that it can be done an afternoon!


Ornaments for DIY Wreath



• Ball ornaments in various sizes and colours.

• Wire: I used a small roll of 16g wire found at my local hardware store.

• Wire cutters.

• Hot glue.

• Pliers.



Step 1: Nicely nestled


Ornament Wreath DIY


Start stringing your ornaments together by slipping the wire through the top loop of the ball ornament. I kept my wire on the roll and cut it when I was done stringing. Unless you’d like one whole section to be blue and another green etc. make sure to vary the colours as your string. The same applies if you are using balls in various sizes. It won’t take long to see how the balls nestle into one another creating beautiful clusters.


STEP 2: Pretty clusters


DIY Holiday Ornament Wreath


Once you’ve strung all of your ornaments use your wire cutters to cut the wire from the roll. Use your pliers to twist the two wire ends together tightly. My piece of wire ended up being approximately 43” long and the wreath ended up being 14” round. Anything larger and the balls would have been too heavy and I wouldn’t have been able to keep the nice wreath shape.


STEP 3: Add an extra bauble or two


Make Your Own Ornament Wreath


Your balls should be nestled together snugly but there might be a few gaps here or there. If that is the case use your hot glue gun to add additional balls to these gaps on the wreath.

Get into the holiday spirit by sending the supply list to your closest friends and host a crafternoon!


Ornament Wreath Craft


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