Safety Worst

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Safety Worst

Dom and Greg’s 100-year-old home is full of surprises that they are terrified to uncover themselves. But once Bryan opens up the home, the writing’s on the wall. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this episode.

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The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff

Paul and Denise’s disorganization is keeping them from enjoying their house. Bryan faces his own challenges when he takes on a unique project. 

Ants In Their Pants

Elise and Pierre are ready to spend big on their first renovation. Bryan shows them that even dream projects have limits.   

The Hole Shebang

James and Leah want to make James’ grandfather’s house their own. When Leah chooses to stay out of the renovation process, James has to trust that Bryan will deliver.

To The Window, To The Walls

Sara and Trevor need more functional living space for their family. When Bryan gets to work, he shows them that open concept doesn’t always make sense. 

Wiggle Room

Shannon and Corrie are overwhelmed by their first house. Bryan takes on a major renovation, but the homeowners still need to face the realities of a fixer upper. 

The Point Of It All

May desperately wants to give Shawn’s bachelor pad a facelift. While Bryan takes on one of their projects, there are some non-construction issues that they have to deal with on their own. 

Inside The Box

Stuart and Yvette want to put the finishing touches on their home. When Bryan takes on a big reno, design obstacles compromise their dream space.    

Stone Faced

Michelle and Reid need Bryan to take one of their projects off their plate. When the renovation delivers a curveball, Reid ends up being more involved than he expected. 

The Right Stuff

Paul and Denise’s disorganization is keeping them from enjoying their house. Bryan faces his own challenges when he takes on a unique project. 

Wet Wipe

Erin and Karl are ready for their first major renovation. Bryan encounters budget constraints when he tries to make a space that’s both practical and party-ready. 

Can’t Feel My Place

Nancy wants to create her forever home, but Jennifer questions her mom’s vision. Bryan attempts to turn their quirky reno dreams into reality. 

Raw Deal

Dina and Ayman are ready to put down roots and renovate, but they struggle with leaving their wish list at Bryan’s mercy.

Buzz Kill

Todd and Whitney want to update their house for the long term. While Bryan takes on a much-needed reno, the homeowners get caught up with the bells and whistles. 

Tri Again

Greg and Sheila need more functional living space for their family. Bryan comes up with a storage-gaining solution that the homeowners have difficulty embracing. 

Overlook the Details

Monica and Gary want to kick back and enjoy their forever home. Bryan takes on a reno that will have them relaxing in style.

Checks Please

Jackie and Jamie want to make their house feel like a cozy retreat for their family. When Bryan takes his pick of renos, the road to relaxation hits a few speed bumps.

All About the Base

Karen is ready for a dream renovation for her and Jim’s house. Bryan has to win her over when practicality takes priority.

Giving Up Green

Craig and Pippa are daunted by the idea of a large reno. Will Bryan earn their trust as he works through their laundry list of wants?

Royal Pain

Sharon has strong opinions about renovating her daughter Nicole’s house. Bryan gets a crash course in the family dynamic as he takes on a large project.

Sew Close

Sharon and Andy are burnt out after taking on three major renos in five years. When Bryan steps in, they have to adjust to someone else doing the work.

Twist and Doubt

Taras and Natalie are desperate to gain living space for their growing family. The reno takes a dramatic turn when Bryan gets real about their budget.

Turn Down or What

Steve and Stacey can’t prioritize their long overdue renos. When Bryan enters the scene, they learn that one renovation can drastically change a living situation.

Pillar Instinct

Steve and Victoria’s quirky house is full of potential reno projects. When Bryan starts making changes they realize there’s no turning back.

Another Level

Clint had visions of creating a dream home for Jacquie and their three kids. When Bryan takes charge, they’ll face the realities of renovating a 100-year-old house.

Come Hell or High Water

Adrienne and Rich have lofty visions for their house. When Bryan has to address a big issue, will the homeowners’ budget meet the demands of their wish list?

Cut It Out

Pamela and Daryl can’t decide which reno to take on before their first baby arrives. Bryan encourages them to think on the bright side when things don’t go to plan.

Electric Feel

Kevin and Leah are full of renovation ideas but they need help with the execution. When Bryan takes on a project he discovers an issue that no one expected.

Flood Bath

Trish and Martin can’t wait to start their very first renovation. Even with their full trust in Bryan, when the walls come down, the flood gates are unleashed.

Detailed Disoriented

Jeff and Kathryn are learning what worked for them as renters isn’t working for them as homeowners. Bryan has to keep his eye on not only the reno, but also Jeff who checks everything twice.

Rent Out of Shape

Rebecca bought her first home and got her friend Rachel to move in to help out with the mortgage. Tired of doing the bare minimum on maintenance and repairs, Bryan commits the girls to a reno with some stormy results.

Climbing the Walls

David and Daniela’s home is in need of renovations, but with three young boys they don’t have the time or energy. Bryan takes one project off their plate but leaves some decisions up to them.

Motion to Dismantle

Sudevi and Shekhar don’t see eye to eye when it comes to renovations. Bryan rolls with the punches as he helps bring order to the house.

Wishing and Coping

Craig and Lindsay want to renovate their home to better suit a family of five, but Bryan’s room choice catches them off guard.

Before the Cookie Crumbles

Sisters Alicia and Tania have a wish list for updating their old semi, but some projects need to be done sooner rather than later.

Came in Like Eric-ing Ball

Eric and Kristina recently moved from a condo to a house and they don’t know how or where to start renovating. Bryan gets more than he bargained for when Eric has building plans of his own.

Reviving the Roost

When Susie and Louie move in to Susie’s childhood home, they have strong ideas about how Bryan can make the space their own.

Having a Wall

Tracy and Chris want Bryan to help make their home a better long-term fit, but no renovation comes without surprises.

Daddy Duty

Katie needs Matt to help with the kids, not start another reno project. Bryan helps them get their dream space without blowing the budget.

Chain of Tools

Chaney and Maureen have ideas about how to update their home, but they need Bryan’s help on the follow-through.

A Cut Above

Chris and Niki are burnt out after years of renovating. When Bryan he takes on their project, there are curveballs in store.

Reno Ride

Dawn and Brad can’t ignore their house’s much-needed projects any longer. Bryan’s here to move their house’s renovations to the front burner, but they might not be ready for such a bumpy ride.

Pressure Cooker

Chef Mike would love a restaurant-grade kitchen, while his wife Marilyn isn’t sure that’s the right choice. When they trust Bryan to decide, the chef might not like what Bryan’s cooking.

Between Gyprock & A Hard Place

Jeff promised Kim once she moved in, she’d get her dream reno. Years later, they have three half started projects and can’t agree on which one to finish. Once Bryan has a look, he faces the most shocking reno he’s ever seen.

The Fighting's on the Wall

Christine and Jeff are tired of fighting about which project is best for their family.  But after Bryan makes his choice, he also has to play the part of peacekeeper.

Where it Drains It Pours

Edwin and Amy are slowly upgrading their house with their heart set on more space for their family. Things go awry when Bryan discovers one issue after another, and the rain shower turns into a full on thunder storm. 

Boiler Alert

Andy is handy at work, but when it comes to his own home, Crystal is tired of unfinished projects. Bryan’s here to get their renos back on track, but once Andy plays into Bryan’s game, it’s no contest. 

House Wreck of Bryan

Crystal is tired of Dan’s quick fixes and discovering her husband’s cleverly-hidden mistakes. Bryan may have met his match when he comes face to face with his unhandy doppleganger.

Housing Crisis

Amy and Bob need to get one reno done before they start a family. They have to get used to changes in the plan, or it’s going to be a losing battle.

Pain in the Glass

Lore and Yan wish they could get a do-over on the renovations they did in their home. But when Bryan has the final say there’s no turning back and things get labour intensive.

A Can of Squirms

Jen and Mitch are newlyweds who feel some reno regret after buying their fixer upper home. Bryan expects to find a can of worms when he works on old houses, but has to deal with more when he opens up sore spots in their relationship too!

Bluff Love

Jen and Doug bought a quirky home with a lot of features they’re not so in love with anymore. With a big reno on deck and Jen’s even bigger personality to contend with, Bryan has his hands full!

Ramp My Style

Lori and Mitch have customized their bungalow so it’s perfectly accessible for their son Hayden. They’ve lost steam after years of doing their own renovations and though Bryan’s here to help, they quickly realize letting go of the...

All Hands on Wreck

Lisa always recruits Katrina to help her with the random DIY projects she has in her home, but when she calls in Bryan, she find outs not only do you get what you pay for, you get what Bryan says.

Reno Impact

Karen & Marty took on their kitchen, but are left with a lot of projects that still need attention on their big to-do list. But when Bryan makes his choice, Karen and Marty have to make reno decisions now that could impact an entirely different...

Reno Misteps

Terri is tired of her husband Julian who spends more time on house projects than with the family. She wants Bryan to take on one project so they get a finished room, but also so Terri gets her husband back. Julian’s used to being the...

Labour Intensive

Jeff and Marcia are expecting their first baby in their starter home. The old bungalow just isn’t going to cut it for their new family, but will their limited budget make the grade?

Wall Me Maybe

Past problems at Jocelyn and Andrew’s home have dictated which reno they’ve been forced to do next. With Bryan making his choice about which room to do in the present, they have to be open to his ideas. Watch this episode online...

Post with the Most

Jeff and Lolly have no clue how to go about the renovation process. Once a major structural flaw in their home is found, Bryan has to convince them the value of structural work, over aesthetic design.  

A Leak of Faith

Mike is used to being the site foreman and Sheri-Lee dictates the design. When Bryan takes over, Sheri-Lee and Mike have to keep the faith.

Battling Budgets

Bree and Joey are always battling over Bree’s lofty ideas and Joey’s small budget. If Bryan doesn’t lead this war, the reno could end up in no man’s land. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this...

Law & Mortar

Jacqueline and Ian are slowly converting an old triplex into a single family home. When Bryan takes on this DIY-nightmare home, things really hit the roof. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this episode.

Safety Dance

John and Emily have a love hate relationship with their home. When Bryan takes on this old home, they realize safety codes and permit restrictions take precedence over their wants. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this...

As Bad as it Gets

Tony and Simone just want a functional home for their young family. After Bryan makes his choice, this couple can’t believe what their home was hiding. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this episode.  

The Wrong Footing

Ryan and Renai felt the pain of a shoddy contractor and are just warming up to the idea of trying another renovation. But when Bryan finds something no one else anticipated, everyone is in for a huge shock. Watch this episode online now! Browse...

Bursting at the Beams

Ryan and Dana don’t have the know-how to take on any of the renos they want next. Once the demo goes deeper, the couple feels like the sky is falling.

Going Walls Out

Michelle and Mateen bought their dream house, that didn’t turn out to be so turn key. They are slowly updating their home, but instead of making headway, they’re just getting headaches.  Watch this episode online now! Browse...

Path of Most Resistance

Jody desperately wants to hire a professional before her husband Jeff learns the hard way that he just can’t take on the renovations himself. But when Bryan takes the lead, their priority for cosmetics gets taken to the curb. Watch this...

Safety Worst

Dom and Greg’s 100-year-old home is full of surprises that they are terrified to uncover themselves. But once Bryan opens up the home, the writing’s on the wall. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this episode.

Shading Spaces

Jodie and Bryan took on some projects in their house with some mixed results. They don’t agree which room to tackle next, and need Bryan to break them out of their reno rut now. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this...

Bricking Time Bomb

Kelsey and Chris are taking on a lofty reno right before their wedding. Bryan is used to planning renovations, not disrupting wedding plans, but he might not have a choice this time.

Get into the Move

Bryant thinks his home with his wife Kelly is one renovation away from being their dream house. Kelly isn’t convinced and is considering leaving this house behind for something new. Will Bryan’s renovation choice keep them living here...

Get Your Leak On

Since Julian and Rebecca bought their home, they haven’t had much choice on where to spend their money when it came to home repairs. Now that they’re ready to focus on their reno wishlist, Bryan has to prepare them for a flood of...

Say Your Prayers

Mike and Michelle have a big home, but even bigger disagreements. When it comes to home repairs, these two have a reno revelation. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from this episode.  

Construction Fore-Mom

Peter and Wendy are trying to love the interior of their new home as much as they love the location. Wendy keeps getting caught up in the details, so Bryan has to keep  Wendy focused on the big picture.  

Rocky Road

Robert is pretty proud of his handiwork around the house, but his wife Alyssa knows his limits. When Bryan takes over the project, this reno goes wild.

The Price is Fight

Lauren and Jamie are both creative types who have different visions for their home. Bryan has to bring these two design plans together, or one of them might be pulling their hair out.

Grout of Site

Dave and Katy are indecisive when it comes to deciding which reno to start next. Dave can’t follow Katy’s changing wishlist, but Katy has to follow Bryan’s permanent plan. Watch this episode online now! Browse the photos from...

Skeptic Tank

Mark wants to do the renovations in his home himself, but his wife Cassie wants the work done yesterday. When Bryan begins this reno, he has to dig this project out of a deep hole.

Painted Flack

Samantha and Blake bought her grandparents’ old bungalow. Blake is over Sam’s plan to paint everything and needs Bryan to teach her that cosmetic fixes don’t pass for being handy.

Reno Rescue

Rania and Steve know firsthand the saying, ‘when it rains it pours.’ Their house has been nothing but a money pit since they’ve moved in. The homeowners know which reno they want, but Bryan’s priority is helping them get out...

The Cold War

Andy and Allison bought their first home - the shiny ‘50s wallpaper adorning the inside of their walls was free. They desperately need a modern update on all of their rooms, and Bryan hopes his reno choice doesn’t leave them cold.

Battling Brothers

Brothers Raj and Beej have a huge family and space is running out. Little brother Beej’s priorities conflict with his big brother Raj’s. But when Bryan chooses the reno they need, he may ignite a family feud.

Curbed Reno

Des and Jeannice want their house’s interior to match the exterior curb appeal of their home. With the couple’s heart set on high-end custom finishes, Bryan may have to play the role of heartbreaker.

Backseat Contractor

Sara & Wassim can’t agree on which renovation is next on their giant to do list. Bryan has to choose the reno they need and take on Sara who isn’t used to anyone else taking the wheel.

The Wall of Blame

Carmen and Alex have saved up for their first reno in their modest home. They are thrilled with Bryan’s help, until a particular wall becomes a bigger deal than it’s worth.

The Way the Reno Crumbles

Renee and Kris live in an aging home with a ton of character. They’re ready to bite the bullet and commit to a big reno project, but when Bryan discovers what lies beneath, they might be wishing for a different house.

The Reno Antagonist

Laz and Juanita have renovated most of the main areas of their home and are now focused on making their reno dreams come true. But when Bryan chooses the space he thinks needs to be done first, he ends up in a battle with an army.

Baby Misteps

Stefanie and Mike have hit all of their milestones in one year – marriage, a new home and a new baby on the way. But will Bryan be able to manage this mom to be, when she begins to fight for two.

Reno Rut

Chantal and Vince have a long laundry list of projects to do in their house. The good news is that most of them have been started; the bad news is that none are finished! Will Bryan be able to help them get out of this reno rut?

Looks Are Deceiving

Sarah and Chris are all about temporary fixes. A touch of paint here, a quick mend there but it’s just not cutting it anymore. It’s time to Leave it to Bryan to rip off the Band-Aid and fix it the right way.

Reno Roadblock

Anna and Frank are intimidated by the renovation process. They’ve tried to tackle projects on their own, but backed away once they hit a snag.  Will this couple trust Bryan to finally take them to the finish line without hitting any more...

Builders Block

Maria and David have 3 spaces that are untouched in their lack-luster subdivision house. They are battling bland, boring and underutilized.  That is until Bryan picks a room!

Reno Reality Check

JP blames Bryan for giving his wife unrealistic expectations on renovation timelines. Bryan has to give JP’s reno-TV-loving wife Julia a renovation reality check.

Space Case

Faye & Adam have a lot of wants for their small home, but space is limited. Bryan has to work with big wants, a small space and even smaller room for compromise.

Decision Revision

Steve knows his wife Pauline has trouble seeing the final vision come together. Bryan has never had to budget for indecisiveness before, but it might end up costing the couple big in the end.

Reno Backfire

Nicole has her hands full – a new home and an opinionated husband named Regan. She’s at her wits end with her house and her husband. She called in Bryan for mercy, but will his plan be help - or hell?

Mish Mash Mess

Stacey & Darren traded their city home for a bigger home in the suburbs. Their home has quirks that Bryan can’t get his head around, but will the couple be able to get their heads around Bryan’s room choice?

Dance Dance Renovation

Stefan & Michelle moved into their first home and it is the definition of a fixer-upper. But when Bryan shows them the reno tango, who’s going to take the lead?

Reno Big or Go Home

Alison and Kevin are newlyweds itching to get their first reno off the ground. They think the bigger the better, but they’ll soon learn the connection between ordering big, and creating even bigger issues.

All Stack No Action

Rachel doesn’t get her husband’s vision. He has big ideas, and not much to show for it. Bryan takes Jehred’s plans, but puts his own into action.

Plan Interrupted

Emma and Scott are young homeowners with a pre-war home. Bryan is about to teach these newbies the ultimate lesson, when a window of opportunity opens, sometimes a door closes.

Broken Bones

Tara & Stephen have a home they want to make more functional for their six-person family. They believe the bones of their home are in good shape, but are about to find out they have some mending to do.

BLVD of Broken Beams

Erin & Scott are desperate for a reno in their home that has tons of issues. They are nervous what Bryan will find behind the walls and struggle with letting in the bad with the good.

Family Feud

Domenica and Arthur just bought a new home for their huge, blended family. With teenagers sleeping in the living room, and no space for Domenica and Arthur to decompress, fences may make great neighbours, but walls make even better family members!

Snakes in a Drain

Roger and Nina bought a home from a seller who built the house himself. Unfortunately, they think he fast-tracked the finishes without much thought to function or design. When Bryan takes on this builder’s home he finds a big surprise that...

Renovation Standoff

Even Kirsi’s husband can’t get between Kirsi and her fantasy kitchen. With renovations at a standstill, Bryan is serving Kirsi something she didn’t order!

Grounded Reno

Dorothy and Dave differ in decision-making as much as they differ in height. Bryan gets their heads out of the clouds and helps them see eye to eye on their reno!

Reno Under Pressure

In a house full of abandoned renovations, Bryan has his work cut out for him. Attempting to tame Cindy’s excitement is as ambitious as this reno.

Shotgun Reno

Teresa and Jay, well mostly Teresa, is in love with the idea of relaxing in a soaker tub in her ideal fantasy spa-like bathroom, but Bryan has something else cooking under his sleeve.

The DIY Effect

Jo-Ann and Brook are reno geeks who love to get their hands dirty. But Bryan is about to frame out a different problem and stop them from making a huge mistake!

Behind Closed Walls

Emily has always encouraged Michael’s DIY spirit when it puts her design plans into action and especially when it saves them money. But Bryan shows Mike his cost-cutting measures may have had the ultimate consequence.

Sister Act

Rosie bought her first house with the financial help of her sister Amal. With custom and high-end finishes on their reno wish list, Bryan’s about to teach these sisters it’s what’s on the inside – of their walls - that...

Banished Bachelor

Dennis's bachelor days are numbered. With his wife Ursula making permanent changes to their rental house turned family home, Dennis has to contend with not only his wife, but Bryan driving the decisions.

Space Wars

Peter and Sunny want more space in their home. With their sights set on a second bathroom, Bryan has other ideas swirling in his head.

Deal or No Deal

When it comes to renovations, Jamie and Tammy know what they want, but have little clue on what to do, or even where to start. Looks like their best move was handing over the reno to Bryan.

Double Trouble

When Miranda found out she was having twins, she and Sean knew their house wouldn’t cut it with their family size about to double. Add Bryan into the equation and Miranda may be having more than she bargained for!

Reno Shock

Mariam’s frustration with her home and her procrastinating husband have reached a boiling point. Can Bryan keep the waters calm? Or will it be rough sailing when she finds out Bryan’s reno pick!

Reno Apocalypse

Ruth and Eric are a young couple who can’t agree on the layout of their basement. Eric’s real plans of putting in a panic shelter are not jiving with Ruth’s practical basement family room. Will Bryan’s decision signal the end...

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