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Smokin' Hot Outdoor Kitchens

Dreaming is free, right?

New Trend: Invisible Kitchens

The latest kitchen is no kitchen at all...

Glorious Eat-In Kitchens

29 Amazing eat-in ideas for kitchens of every size.

Kitchens of the Future

Hot off the presses: 15 Trends to heed before you renovate.

Traditional Kitchens

Modernists eat your heart out.


Expert Kitchen Tools

Expert Kitchen Tools

11 ways to pass as a pro chef.

11 Kitchen Storage Solutions

11 Kitchen Storage Solutions

Smart and stylish storage ideas to keep your kitchen clutter-free!

Find Your Kitchen Style

Find Your Kitchen Style

Over 50 photos of various kitchen styles to inspire your next renovation.

More Kitchen Style Advice

Trends on the Rise

See these five kitchen trends happening now.
Read more

Bright Appliances

Make a statement in your kitchen with bright appliances.
Read more

20 Family-Friendly Kitchens

Get inspired for you next renovation!

Change a Countertop

Learn how-to change your own kitchen countertop.

Replace a Range Hood

Watch as Damon Bennett gives a tutorial on how to complete this DIY project.

How-To Replace a Sink

Watch how to replace your own kitchen sink with this easy DIY tutorial video.

Kitchen Work Spaces

12 ways to create a kitchen study space!


Modern Kitchen & Dining Area Makeover

Modern Kitchen & Dining Area Makeover

See the photos from this dramatic kitchen and dining area makeover from Bryk House.

Inspirational Kitchens from Leave it to Bryan

Inspirational Kitchens from Leave it to Bryan

A look at the many kitchen renos and makeovers from Bryan Baeumler in Leave it to Bryan.

More Renovating Advice

How-To Install Bar Counter

Damon Bennett shows you this reno, step-by-step.
Watch now

How-To Tile Backsplash

Watch step-by-step this DIY tutorial on tiling backsplash.
Watch now

Leave it to Bryan: Decision Revision

In this episode, Bryan Baeumler prioritizes this couple's kitchen.

Sarah's House: Kitchen

In Season 3, Sarah must create a cook’s kitchen from a hodgepodge of smaller rooms.

Sarah 101: Dream Budget Kitchen

In this episode, a fresh new colour palette, lighting and tons of storage help place this kitchen centre-stage.

Best of Holmes on Homes: Kitchen En-counters

Mike looks at kitchen renos that were recipes for disaster and recalls.

Sarah 101: Baker's Kitchen

In this episode, Sarah and Tommy squeeze industrial grade gear into this space.

How-To Videos

Installing a Faucet

Installing a Faucet

The experts at Delta show you how to install a kitchen faucet.

How To Install an Addison Faucet

How To Install an Addison Faucet

Learn from the experts at Delta on how to install an Addison faucet with Touch2O Technology.

How To Flush Your Faucet Lines

How To Flush Your Faucet Lines

Learn from the experts at Delta on how to flush the lines of your kitchen faucet.

More Videos

Installing a Two Handle Faucet

Learn to install a two-handle widespread faucet from the Delta experts.
Watch now

Clean and Replace an Aerator

Learn from the experts at Delta on how to clean or replace an aerator.
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25 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Backsplash ideas of varying design styles to inspire you!

No-Tile Backsplash Ideas

Creative ideas for solid backsplashes.

Mike Holmes on Tiling

Before redoing tiling your kitchen floors, read Mike's advice to ensure it's done right.

Buying Guide: Kitchen Backsplashes

Tile, glass, wallpaper...What does one choose? We have some helpful advice.


Best of Sarah Richardson Kitchens

Best of Sarah Richardson Kitchens

Design inspiring kitchens from Sarah's House, Sarah 101 and Sarah's Cottage.

Editor's Picks: Favourite Backsplashes

Editor's Picks: Favourite Backsplashes

A selection of favourite kitchen backsplashes submitted by our editorial team.

More Countertops & Backsplash Advice

Mosaic Glass Backsplash

What would you choose for a backsplash?
Read more

Our Favourite Backsplash Ideas

A crucial element to a kitchen's design, here are our five favourite backsplash ideas.
Read more

Jewels for your Cabinetry

Update your kitchen hardware with some whimsical and fun knobs!

10 Kitchen Hardware Styles

Click through our Top 10 kitchen handles and knobs and find where to shop for them!

Choosing Knobs and Handles

Sarah shares her advice on how to choose the right shape, size and style of hardware for your cabinets.

Dos and Don'ts for Your Cabinetry

Sarah Richardson gives tips and advice on the dos and don'ts of kitchen cabinetry and hardware.


10 Kitchen Faucets to Buy Now

10 Kitchen Faucets to Buy Now

Browse through our gallery of top stunning faucets on the market.

Inspirational Photos: Hardware & Faucets

Inspirational Photos: Hardware & Faucets

Browse hardware and faucet styles to suit your tastes!

More Faucets & Hardware Advice

Popular Kitchen Hardware

A look at favourites among kitchen hardware.
Watch now

Popular Faucets & Sinks

Enticing styles in kitchen faucets and sinks.
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