Painted Love

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Painted Love

Bryan’s used to Sarah’s changes, but can’t believe the "paint" in the butt he’s experiencing upstairs. The team pushes to finish the second floor, but the light at the end of the tunnel fades quick when Sarah has to re-pick design finishes at the eleventh hour.

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Floor or Mess
Floor or Mess

Bryan pushes Sarah and Trish to finalize the tile floor in the wine room, but he realizes things are quickly unravelling. Tired of changing things after the fact, Bryan takes matters into his own hands.

It's All your Vault

Fresh off the completion of an incredible addition in the country, Bryan itches to keep the renovation momentum going. Rather than take a much-needed break, Bryan instead breaks into the untouched existing house without Sarah’s full approval....

The Frame Game

As Sarah and Bryan try to nail down the layout so they can frame and get to the drywall stage, Sarah and her designer Trish have a big fit over a tiny powder room. Just as they think they’re back on track, Bryan and Sarah go on a family...

Rough-In It

Feeling good about getting to the drywall stage, Bryan is adamant that they keep the build moving forward. The only problem is the powder room is stuck at the studs stage because Sarah is dragging her heels on choosing a vanity. Bryan's...

Old Macbaeumler Had a Barn

The project really opens up as Sarah and Bryan break down the last wall between the old and new house. Bryan finds time for an old project close to his heart and tries to make progress on it without Sarah finding out.

Liar Liar Plants On Fire

Lots of progress on the interior and warmer weather has Bryan thrilled he can begin work on the exterior landscaping. In the past, Sarah has been hands-off on making design changes on landscaping, but this time when she gets involved Bryan ends up...

Fan Overboard

Bryan finds time to work on his own projects including one that Sarah doesn’t know about. Just when they thought they were past having issues in the powder room, Bryan discovers the hard way that when it rains, it pours. 

No Chain No Gain

Furniture starts arriving at the house as Bryan has to stay strong while he braces for what arrives at the house. Issues come up at the eleventh hour as Sarah’s chandelier in the front entrance makes Bryan hangry!

Over and Grout

After three long years, Bryan and Sarah wrap up the build and complete their forever home. The show journeys back to where the series began as Sarah and Bryan reflect on the build’s best and bumpy moments. The end gets a little sweeter when...

Stick in the Mud

Bryan convinces a reluctant Sarah to begin a brand new chapter in their lives - uproot the family and comfortable city life and move to the country! The plan sounds good on paper, but they quickly realize selling their first home and building their...

A Hole in None

The seasons have turned and Bryan is ready to get this reno going. As soon as Bryan excavates the first bit of earth, he hits a major snag and the project comes to a screeching halt.

The Chicken Coup

Bryan starts to lay the foundation for the addition onto the back of the existing home and realizes tying in both structures is not going to be easy. Bryan keeps some key details from Sarah and commits his biggest fowl yet!

Flood, Sweat & Tears

Bryan is used to working against the elements, but the timing couldn’t be worse when he has to leave town for work. Mother Baeumler is forced to battle Mother Nature on her own that almost brings the house down.

Reno Gone Wild

Sarah recruits the help of a designer who has the difficult task to make both Sarah and Bryan happy. As the demo gets deeper, Bryan realizes country living could bite him in the butt.

Pump the Break

Sarah changes her mind on a design finish that sets Bryan back in a big way. The plan to make progress on the addition while living in the existing home gets derailed when major repairs to the old house take priority.

The Cold War

As the weather turns colder, Sarah and Bryan’s relationship goes up in flames as they butt heads on features in the Great Room and Kitchen.

Truth or Stair

A freak ice storm derails all work on site as the Baeumlers just focus on keeping warm and cleaning up the broken trees on the property. Bryan pushes to get to drywall stage, but Sarah changes the electrical plan in the Master Bedroom for the...

Absence Makes the Reno Grow Longer

Bryan continues to deal with the perils of the long and cold winter, without an end in sight. The Baeumler family takes the kids away for Spring break, but learns a hard lesson - when Bryan’s away, Mother Nature will play.

Mo’ Money, Door Problems

Winter may be behind them, but Spring showers have rained all over Bryan’s parade as water may have permanently stained the limestone on the exterior. Bryan wishes he could slam the door on a purchase Sarah made. Plans are underway for a big...

A Hardwood Day’s Night

Bryan bites the bullet and takes care of some major work on the existing house that ends up with some stormy results. The addition is ready for hardwood flooring, but Bryan may not be ready for the bill.

Tile and Error

Six weeks late, the main floor tiles finally arrive for installation. Sarah micromanages Bryan on a feature wall detail in Quintyn’s room. Bryan learns the hardway that annoying things happen in threes when Sarah, his electrician and a...

The Built Trip

Resolved to never have another leak in the old house again, Bryan re-does the entire roof, but has to beat an impending rainstorm that’s moving in fast. A sudden and unexpected trip pulls Bryan off site for a week. When Bryan returns Sarah...

Floor or Mess

Bryan pushes Sarah and Trish to finalize the tile floor in the wine room, but he realizes things are quickly unravelling. Tired of changing things after the fact, Bryan takes matters into his own hands.

Painted Love

Bryan’s used to Sarah’s changes, but can’t believe the "paint" in the butt he’s experiencing upstairs. The team pushes to finish the second floor, but the light at the end of the tunnel fades quick when Sarah has...

Fowl Play

In the interest of being done, Bryan makes the final call on finishes without Sarah’s input, which doesn’t go over well. The Baeumlers reveal their finished main floor and revisit their best and worst moments of the whole build.

Dock & Load

Bryan has been bit yet again by the building bug, but his excitement may have gotten the better of him this time! Pumped about the prospect of building a family cottage of his very own, Bryan’s learning the hard way the importance of location,...

The Hole Truth

The build has just begun and two of Bryan’s worst fears are becoming a reality – rainy weather and plan changes! With Mother Nature not co-operating, and Sarah adding extra rooms to the design plan, Bryan’s struggling to stay calm,...

Beam Me Up

Bryan’s belief that building at the cottage all summer would be relaxing have been anything but! Burning the candle at both ends has taken its toll and Bryan’s down for the count at a critical stage in the build.

Bye Bye Bry

Bryan’s other commitments are pulling him away from progressing at the cottage and the build can’t stop despite Bryan’s absence. Letting go and trusting Adam and Sarah to keep things moving are proving easier said than done.

Designer Dilemma

Being near water at the cottage is normally a good thing, but not when it’s raining and your roof hasn’t been framed. That’s not the only storm Bryan is weathering, as Rebecca and Sarah’s relationship hits a wall.

Hit The Deck

Bryan starts to install windows and begins key deck work. All hands on deck as Bryan enlists the help of a good friend. As the build moves closer to the end, war wages between Bryan and Sarah as decisions on interior finishes need to be made.

Truth or Bear

Sarah’s initial reluctance to build their cottage in the wilderness is proving true, as the wild life is becoming too close for comfort. Bryan and Sarah’s disagreement on the final finishes for the fireplace add fuel to the fire as...

Floor Wars

Bryan gets to work on the tile and is realizing an eighth of an inch difference is a bigger thorn in his side than it’s worth! Sarah and Bryan choose a mural for their Great Room that could end up being a great disaster.

Off Side

Bryan focuses on getting the outside of the cottage completed. The sheer amount of work to install the live roof weighs down Bryan, almost literally and things aren’t moving as quick as he wants. Sarah and Darren question the final look of the...


Ordering custom finishes for the interior is one thing, making sure everything fits as planned is another. Sarah realizes she missed ordering a key element in the bathroom. Bryan is worried when transporting custom materials on site almost breaks the...

All Falls Down

As Autumn winds down, Bryan’s deadline creeps closer as he realizes the light at the end of the tunnel is farther away than planned. Breaking the potential bad news to Sarah might be Bryan’s biggest challenge yet.

Rain on Bry's Parade

Snow and heavy rain put a wrench in progress as Bryan’s big sprint to complete the deck - the last major project of the build - comes to a screeching halt. Sarah has a huge surprise for Bryan that changes the game.

Hard Rock Life

Lots of last minute touches pull the construction crew in all directions as both Bryan and Sarah need all hands on deck to finally finish the cottage. Bryan and Sarah do a final walk-through and recount the most memorable moments of the build.

House of Bryan

It’s all done, after six incredible months we get to see what all the hard work has brought. Bryan and Sarah get to walk around the house and reminisce about the good and the bad times. We see room by room the incredible work done by Bryan and...

Garage Surprise

The house is almost done, the front yard and the garage are the last places to be finished, but Bryan is going away and not going to have time to complete the space. Sarah comes up with a plan to surprise Bryan as long as Adam agrees to help....

In Laws and Out

One space that Sarah and Bryan didn’t agree on was how the laundry room should be laid out, Rebecca has to referee, while Bryan has to figure  out how to fit the oversize washer and dryer with the standard size cabinets.  The stair...

Paint in the Butt

Bryans done with the downstairs and now he can start work on the final part of the house the master bedroom and Ensuite.  Once a huge fireplace is installed, Bryan and Adam get work tiling the bedroom wall.  While Sarah and Rebecca try and...

Boys and Toys

Bryans gets to do his space in the house, the basement or as he calls it the “mancave”. Not content with the usual big screen TV , Bryan installs a huge projection home theatre, complete with retractable screen. He also builds his own...

Kitchen showdown

Bryan and Sarah plan their ideal Kitchen, but things don’t go according to plan when Bryan discovers how much Sarah spent on the appliances.  Adam learns how to install hardwood flooring, and then learns how to pull it all up again as...

Dollars and Fence

Bryan and Sarah have to face up to the financial realities of building a house, creating tension in the Baeumler household. Meanwhile Bryan has a whole backyard to landscape.  Adam gets a lesson in how to build a fence while Rebecca finds ways...

Pain in the Deck

Now that the drywall is complete, Bryan is looking forward to begin work on the outside of the house. But when Bryan realizes the measurement of a concrete footing is off, his plan to build an elaborate deck doesn’t go as smoothly as he had...

Gyprock and Roll

Bryan is getting a taste of what it’s like to have his wife as a customer. Bryan is used to dealing with a client’s indecisiveness, and his wife Sarah is no different. During a routine walkthrough of the house, Sarah and his designer...

Sink or Swim

A feisty female has it out for Bryan and this time it is not his wife Sarah. Mother Nature has dropped some ill-timed storms and heavy rain that causes a wave of delays. With the electrical and other mechanicals roughed-in, the house is in critical...

Down in the Trenches

After the house is framed, the mechanicals of the home are ready to be roughed in and installed. Even with Bryan’s pick of trusty tradesmen by his side, a recent change in plumbing code is throwing a wrench in plans to forge ahead. Any delay...

Up in Frames

With the house’s foundation set and the wall framing on deck, the construction site is quickly transforming from a two-dimensional design plan, to a three-dimensional-dream home. On site, Bryan is battling issues like running out of materials...

Design , Destroy, Re-build

Even for a veteran contractor like Bryan, knocking down a house is not as straightforward as it appears. Small delays add up big time – from miscalculating the total amount of waste removal, to obtaining proper building permits.  All...

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