Carson Arthur

Carson Arthur

Carson connects with the outdoors.  Whether manipulating a space to make it jibe with homeowners or playing a variety of sports, outside is where you’ll find Carson exploring his passions. “The toughest parts of my job are the elements,” he says. “There’s nowhere to hide from the cold, wet, sun, hail, wind… you name it!” Critical Listing is Carson’s third TV series, in addition to regular guest spots on Canadian and US daytime and talk shows.

Carson brings to Critical Listing a true desire to help homeowners at a critical juncture of selling their current home for maximum dollars to seal the deal on their new one. With pinpoint accuracy Carson finds landscape and planting solutions that entice potential buyers up the driveway and through the front door. “It’s not about throwing money at a problem,” says Carson. “It’s about where dollars are best spent to get the most value!”

In his downtime, he’s a big sports fan and loves his cottage.  “Even when I’m there,” he says, “I have projects – tons of projects!” And thereby a trait Carson doesn’t see in himself as positive. ”I’m always trying to improve everything I do. Type ‘A’ to the extreme! It drives everybody nuts!”  Which contrasts what Carson sees as his most likable quality, “I have a big smile. It’s my secret weapon!”

This attitude extends to Carson’s favorite and not-so-favorite TV moments. “When I was able to help a 15-year-old confined to a wheelchair use his backyard for the first time,” is stamped on Carson’s memory as is splitting his pants during a shoot day for Critical Listing. “I couldn’t leave set; it’s amazing what some carefully placed duct tape can do!”

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