Top 5 Five Friday: I’m Dreaming of a Pine-Free, Modern Christmas

By Iris Benaroia


Modern Trees


If someone says “wishbone” and you instantly think “chair” instead of “chicken,” then an unconventional Christmas tree is just the thing for you. (You’re maybe even sitting in your Wegner Wishbone as you read this.) You’re not the type to dare sully your holiday-decked living room with an ornament-clogged conifer. Being finicky is fine! It means you care about your surroundings. As you should: being a central fixture, the tree endures well past eccentric Uncle Harry after he’s tossed back a few too many G+Ts. And if it’s gonna last, it better look good.


Go renegade with one of these modern beauties, chosen just for you, you beautiful snob, on Top 5 Friday.




Quel scandal!
With its primitive limbs and natural-wood allure, this understated knockout from France-based Etsy shop Atelier bois d’Âme can be dispatched across the pond. Made of wood harvested from the beaches of the French Riviera (now there’s a conversation starter!), it’s suitable for a monochromatic Scandinavian scene. Here’s how to create the vibe: fill the room with a faux-fur throw or two and a papier-mâché stag’s head, scatter some candles and start a crackling fire; it’ll be just like a Swedish countryside cabin.




This is ballsy
Not every tree needs to sit on the floor. Crafty blogger Megan Reardon ( has made a mobile that is adaptable to suit every taste. Hers features both shiny and matte green balls. This would look smart popping against the skyline in front of a window of a smaller top-floor condo. The how-to instructions are on Megan’s blog. Oh, and the metal ring the tree is hanging off of? A rack from a restaurant-supply store. Cool!




White sight
Stray from the pack with a white-branched beauty, naked save for the trinkets. I like that it’s hard to tell if it’s actually a tree or something concocted out of giant pipe cleaners. Copy the look by spray-painting branches, or DIY it with said pipe cleaners (or a similar material sourced from your local craft store), then place in a basket for casual flair. I wouldn’t be against putting this baby in the corner — the corner of your bathroom that is. How’s that for unexpected? Made by London’s The White Company, and repined on the LoveNordic Design blog.




Gorgeous & glam
Impress pals with a wooden, architect-designed “possibiliTree.” Each one is subtly different in colour and grain. These are available as a three-foot tabletop or a six-foot suspended model. They’re compact, lightweight and so nice it’s a shame we’re so yoked to the customs of eggnog season, we don’t leave our Xmas trees up longer. A perfect fit for a mid-century-mod home or a loft.


Wall Tree


Divine DIY
Even the tiniest space can get sassy thanks to this shrewd idea, photographed by Alison Conklin, styling by Styled Creative (via Style Me Pretty). Wrap a wall in Kraft paper then draw branches using thick white crayon…and you’re ready to style! Tack up ornaments and some semblance of a star, and you’re finito. Now all you need is a French bulldog in a pink tutu. Bring this hipster-to-the-max special to its full potential by playing Galaxie 500 on the stereo, and serving deliberately ugly cupcakes.


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