Sink Style

By Denise Wild


Sink Style

When it comes to bathrooms, sinks can get a lot of attention. Why not make it the focal point for your new bathroom build or reno and design and decorate the rest of the room around the sink? Depending on the look you’re going for, the size of space you’re working with, and your cupboard and countertop needs, there are a number of options available. Not only are there varying shapes to choose from (round, oval, square, hexagonal, etc.), you also have your pick from a wealth of materials including glass, stone, metal, stainless steel, and even wood. Here are some sink styles to consider when putting your bathroom together.

Console Table Sink
A console table sink, also called a washstand, has a sink that’s built into a table-like fixture. The console body and legs can range from being very ornamental, to sleek and minimal, or substantial and weighted. Look for a console table sink with a drawer or shelf feature if you’re concerned about storage.

Pedestal Sink
A pedestal sink is a basin that’s supported by a freestanding pedestal leg. The simplicity of their design lends to bathrooms with clean lines as well as those that nod to a traditional style (picture it sharing space with a claw-foot tub). One thing to note, because they don’t offer any storage space underneath, choose a pedestal sink when you don’t need storage or counter space or when you already have them elsewhere in your bathroom.

Self-Rimming Sink
A one-piece combination sink, often called a self-rimming sink or a vanity top, is one where the sink bowl and countertop are one piece. Suitable for drop-in mounting, a self-rimming sink can look dramatic and unique when the basin is an unexpected shape or very shallow (think wading-pool style).

Under Counter Sink
An under counter sink sits completely below the bathroom countertop. Not only is the style sleek and simple, but it’s very easy to clean because there’s no edge or lip around the perimeter of the sink.

Vanity Top Sink
A vanity sink is what you’ll see most commonly in bathrooms. It sits in a standard cabinet, allowing for a great amount of storage underneath as well as usable counter space. Spice up your bathroom design by choosing a vanity sink in a conversation-starting colour, shape, or material.

Vessel Sink
A vessel sink rests on top of the counter and has a bowl-like appearance. Its formal design is suitable for classic and rustic bathrooms as well as more contemporary designs. Vessel sinks should be paired with very tall faucets or ones that are wall-mounted. Because a vessel sink sits on a cabinet, you won’t have a shortage of storage and counter space.

Wall-Mount Sink
A wall-mount sink is affixed to the bathroom wall along with the faucet and has no base or stand. Its floating appearance makes the wall-mount sink a standout feature and well suited for a contemporary bathroom. Wall-mount sinks provide no storage or counter space, but work well in small areas such as two-piece bathrooms and powder rooms.

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