Pretty Painted Pumpkins

By Heather Cameron


Painted Pumpkins-anchor


I have a four-year-old and, I must admit, I dread the carving of the pumpkin at Halloween. She always wants to do it herself, which, frankly, freaks me out. So, this year, we are taking a new and less “sharp” route: Paint! Acrylic, multi-coloured and a shiny moody chrome finish; stripes, swirls, dots, plaid — anything goes!!



  • Pumpkins: small or big or in-between, whatever you prefer — though smaller are easier to handle, and facilitate the idea of doing a bunch (a popular choice with the young ones)!
  • Masking tape
  • Rubber bands
  • Office-supply paper reinforcement stickers
  • Acrylic paint(s)
  • Spray paint(s)


Painted Pumpkins-paints



If you have kids, you probably have stacks of paint colours laying around your house (we sure do). This is a fun project for everyone, and it helps put some of those often-underused crafts materials to very good use. Pumpkins, brushes and acrylic paints can make for some very perky pumpkins!


Painted Pumpkins-DIY


I used a can of chrome finish spray paint — adults should handle this, and do it in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) — on the white pumpkins after I applied tape for stripes, rubber bands for random crossing stripes and the hole punch stickers for circles. Simply spray on the paint lightly and let dry.


Painted Pumpkins-2


After the paint is dry, peel off your stickers, and remove the rubber bands and tape...


Painted Pumpkins-3


...and the white parts of the pumpkin are left white. Seriously, how easy is that?!


Painted Pumpkins-4


Now have fun on the table: branches, blue pumpkins, old lanterns and even a cast iron bunny. You can add candles, lanterns, vases of tall branches or fall flowers. (This project is also a good way to use up those giant zucchini in the garden!)


Painted Pumpkins-5


I love these pumpkins. Traditional Jack-o'-lanterns are fun but I have to admit, these are really making me smile each day!


Painted Pumpkins-6

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