Make Room for the Kids

By Denise Wild


Make Room for the Kids

Transitioning your bathroom from a peaceful haven in which you can relax and unwind (post-work bubble bath, anyone?) to a functional room for a party of more than two seems like an arduous task. But with a few minor changes and additions — most of which won’t interfere with your bathroom’s current decor — getting your bathroom kid-ready isn’t that big of a chore. Prep your bathroom for family use by incorporating the following things:

Accessible Toiletries
Keep interruptions to a minimum by leaving a stock of accessible toiletries for youngsters to grab on their own. If the cabinet doors are locked for safety, consider a separate drawer or cupboard that’s kid-approved so they can easily get to extra toilet paper, tissue or toothpaste without coming to you.

Keep hooded bathrobes on-hand for little ones. They’re easy for kids to put (and keep) on, and they’ll keep them warmer than a regular towel will post-bath.

Easy-to-Use Shampoo and Body Wash
Replace your regular shampoo and body wash bottles with kid-friendly pump dispensers. Because pump bottles are easier for kids to handle, you’ll reduce the clutter and stubbed toes that fallen bottles tend to leave behind. Save money (and continue using your favourite bath and beauty brands) by purchasing reusable bottles and refilling them.

A Handheld Showerhead
Switch your regular showerhead to one that’s handheld with a fairly long extension tube. Being able to control where the water goes will make bathing kids easier and much faster.

A Laundry Hamper
Prevent your bathroom floors from turning into a sea of dirty clothes and towels by outfitting your washroom with a laundry hamper. If you haven’t got the space to sacrifice, or if you’d prefer to keep the look of your bathroom minimalist, find a corner in the hallway or kids’ room for the hamper and make them strip down before they head to the shower.

A Stool
Kids need to reach the countertop and sink, so keep a stepping stool handy. Choose a lightweight plastic stool that can be easily pulled in and out of the cupboard. Or opt for a wooden one that matches the style and colour of your bathroom if you’ve got the space to leave it on display. Customizing your bathroom? Choose a sink vanity with a drawer at the floor. Flip the drawer upside-down and put it on wheels for a pullout makeshift stool that tucks neatly away. Once the kids are grown up, flip the drawer right side up and remove the wheels.

Temperature Controlled Water
Regulate water temperature throughout the house to prevent kids from accidentally burning themselves when they use the bathroom faucets. Cap the temperature of your hot water tank and rest easy.

Tub Grippers
Line the bottom of your bathtub with decorative rubber decals to prevent little feet from slipping. Are the decals not staying in place? Try a rubber bath mat instead.

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