DIY Felt Holiday Envelopes

By Sarah Jones



These felt envelopes take “going paperless” to a whole new level. They are perfect for small trinkets or gift cards, plus these envelopes are like little gifts themselves!



Your supplies will vary depending on the closure you’d like to go with and additional decorative elements. The list below outlines the supplies required for the 3 different envelopes pictured above.

• Felt sheets in various colours.

• Scissors.

• Hot glue gun.

• Buttons.

• Ruler.

• Marker.

• Needle and thread.

• Coloured embroidery thread.


STEP 1: Made to measure



The diagram above outlines the dimensions for each envelope. Use your ruler and marker to draw the template onto the felt sheet and cut out the shape. You could also find a paper envelope at home, carefully deconstruct it and use that as a template. All envelopes (paper or felt) are created using more or less the same process.

STEP 2: Get the glue!




With your template cut. Fold the tabs in and apply hot glue to the top of each. Now fold the bottom end of your template so that it adheres to the tabs and creates the body (or pocket) of the envelope. Use your scissors to round the corners of the envelope’s flap or to create a triangle shape much like a party invitation envelope.

STEP 3: Sign, sealed, delivered




An envelope needs to be sealed in order to protect its contents.To make the figure eight button closure use a needle and thread to sew a button onto the outside flap then sew another one onto the envelope pocket aproximately .5” from where the flap ends when folded. Cut a long piece of embroidery thread and tie it securely underneath the top button. Seal your envelope by wrapping the thread in a figure eight around the two buttons until you run out of thread.

To make a single button closure use a needle and thread to sew a button onto the base of the envelope and use sharp scissors to make a slit just large enough on the flap so that the button can go through.

To make the slip through closure use your scissors to make a slit in the back of the envelope base so that the envelope flap can slip into it.

STEP 4: Decorate and done




Have fun decorating the front of your envelope! Make sweet rose buds by cutting scalloped edged strips out of felt then roll the strip and glue the ends to secure. A Christmas tree can be made out of 3 rounded triangle shapes topped with a heart or a star.




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