Holiday Card Holder

By Sarah Jones


Holiday Card Holder

It’s the time of year when holiday cards start to arrive and start taking over mantels and countertops. This card holder is a wonderful way to display your cards and keep them all in one place.

Holiday Card Holder at Home



  • Picture frame (second hand stores always have a wonderful selection of frames).
  • Spray Paint (if you want to change the colour of your frame).
  • Fabric (amount will vary on the size of frame you use. I have outlined the dimensions in step 2).
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Staple gun.
  • Iron.
  • Mat board (illustration board or cardboard will also work).
  • Exacto knife

STEP 1: Step into frame

DIY Holiday Card Holder

How to Make a Holiday Card Holder

The only parts of the frame you will require is the frame itself and the back piece. Using the backboard as a template, cut the same shape out of your mat board (or cardboard) using an exacto knife. If you’d like to change the colour of your frame paint it now in a well ventilated area.

STEP 2: Fabric magic

Holiday Card Holder Craft Materials

Make a Holiday Card Holder

You will need 5 pieces of fabric for this project. The dimensions of each piece will vary depending on the size of your frame. My frame is 12” wide by 21.5” high. The dimensions of the five fabric pieces are as follows:

1. 14” wide X 23.5” high 2. 14” wide X 20” high 3. 14” wide X 16” high 4. 14” wide X 13” high 5. 14” wide X 10” high

Piece number 1 will cover the entire mat board and extend 1” beyond the edges. Fold the fabric around the board and use your hot glue gun to attach the extra fabric to the back of the mat board.

The 4 remaining pieces are the same width but vary in height to create the layered card slots. Each piece should extend at least 1” over the bottom of the board. Just like the first piece, use your glue gun to adhere the extra fabric to the back of the board. Do the same thing with the fabric that extends over the sides. To make the edge of each slot look hemmed and crisp fold your fabric over (at least 1”) and iron it.

STEP 3: Snug as a bug

Holiday Card Holder DIY

Put your fabric covered board into your frame. It should fit very snuggly and that is a good thing. Now put the original back board on top and use your staple gun to put it in place permanently. Certain frames have little pins that slide into place. If this is the case with your frame you won’t need a staple gun.

Holiday Card Holder Craft

Use this card holder year round. It is also great for to-do notes or shopping lists!



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