DIY Halloween Branches and Ghost Lanterns

By Emma Reddington


This All Hallow’s Eve, welcome trick-or-treaters with an easy two-step DIY -- spray painted branches and paper lantern ghosts. It’s easy to do and a great way to get little hands involved. If you’re pressed for time you could skip step two and just use ready made bats.

Styling by Annie McDonald & Emma Reddington

Photos by Kristin Sjaarda


Spray Painted Branches

For step one, you’ll need to gather branches, and have spray paint, string and thumbtacks on hand. You can use ready made bats (or make your own!) to complete the look.




Collect branches from outside and set up an area for spray painting. Protect the ground and make sure that it is well ventilated. Spray each branch thoroughly, making sure you get all sides, and allow the branches to dry. All of this should take approximately 20-30 minutes (depending on the number of branches). and about 2 hours for drying.



Once the branches are dry, set them up around your porch. You might want to hang some from your roof or place them in containers on your walkway or near your door. If you’re using store bought bats, attach them to the branches using fishing line or twine.



Paper Lantern Ghosts

For the paper lantern ghosts, you’ll need small white paper lanterns (available at Michaels), white tissue paper, black poster board, a glue stick and scissors. It should take approximately 15-20 minutes per ghost.



To make this little creature, start by assembling paper lanterns according to the instructions. Then, cut your tissue paper into strips approximately 2-3 inches long. You can leave the edges straight or scallop one end for a more elegant ghost! Start attaching the strips of paper to the lantern, starting with the bottom and overlapping each piece. Continue adding strips until you reach the top of the lantern. When done, cut two oval eyes out of black poster board and glue them on.



The final step is to add these lightweight ghosts to your spray painted branches using fishing line or twine.



The result is a whimsical little ghost that will flutter in the wind on Halloween evening. For added effect, you could even use some low wattage outdoor Christmas lights to give it a glowing spooky aura.



So while this might not complete with what your Halloween obsessed neighbours are doing down the street, at least the children will still step up on to your porch on Halloween night.

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