Decorating Your Dining Room

By Diana Cina


Decorating Your Dining Room

With so many elements involved in decorating your dining room, the tasks of picking out furniture, colours, fabrics and flooring can be quite daunting — even when you have a signature style. The best way to approach any large home decor project is to break down the work involved piece by piece.

If you have a clear idea as to how you want your dining room to look, you’re already ahead of the game. But make sure you have considered some of these major aspects.

The Big Ticket
Always purchase the most expensive items on your list first including, flooring (or carpeting) and dining furniture. You will always find paint colours and accessories to match your furniture but not always the other way around. Buying smaller objects on whim, such as tablecloths and tableware, isn’t a great idea because, despite your best intentions, you may not be able to make them work. Bringing pictures of the carpet and furniture or even wood chip samples to stores will help you pick the perfect wall colour and accents.

The Lay of the Land
Be realistic and take accurate measurements of your dining room. Draw up a floor plan and make note of where plugs and outlets are located as well as windows (if any), wall space, height and any other features that need special attention. You may want a long rectangular table that seats 16 but space may not allow it. Take your sketch with you to every store so that you can find the right pieces that will fit in your dining room.

Dining in Style
Contemporary, modern, traditional, Victorian, and any other style that suits you can flourish in your dining room. If you don’t have any particular favourites, you can always mix and match styles. Designers often recommend at least 75 per cent be one style while the other 25 per cent, usually accents, can incorporate alternate design inspirations. Since most of your entertaining will happen in this room, let friends and family see the real you come to life.

Petite Problems 
Don’t despair there are lots of great ideas to make dining room look bigger and be perfectly functional.

  • Add a large mirror to one side of the room. This gives the illusion of greater depth while also adding a fabulous decor element.
  • Purchase a table with side panels that can easily fold under the table when not in use and fold up when you have extra guests for dinner.
  • Do not purchase oversized or grandiose items. Depending on the piece, it can actually make the room look smaller and awkward. Make sure that all accessories in the room are proportionate to the main focus, being the table and chairs.
  • Avoid clutter. Less is always more in a small space but when you add guests to the mix, the dining room can look and feel too tight for comfort.

Let It Shine
One of the biggest dining room necessities is having a dimmer installed. A dimmer creates mood lighting so that the dining room can easily transition from a romantic dinner to a child’s birthday party. Pot lights, lamps and potentially a chandelier are also vital to a room as they createc, “layered” lighting and add to the depth. Although a crystal chandelier is not necessary, having an elegant lighting fixture above the table creates a fabulous focal point to the room.

You’re All Set
Your tableware acts as an extension of your chosen dining room decor and style so it should be the last purchase. Look online and in stores at the different types of styles and patterns until you find one that suits your taste, budget and dining room overall. If you’re unsure of what you want to get, a basic white dish and crystal stemware combination is always in. Tableware is also a great way to subtly update your dining experience — as you can infuse new colours, designs and patterns at a moment’s notice.

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