Decorating Ideas for the Seasons

By Murali Murthy


Decorating Ideas for the Seasons

Many people like the idea of updating their interiors for the seasons. What techniques do you use to transition your home from winter into spring and from summer into fall? There are many easy ways you can change the look of your home to get in tune with the seasons.

Changing times demand changing responses. In today's fast paced world we no longer subscribe to decorating rituals of the past. Now we have the TV and the internet. We have no time to change rugs. However, those small subtle changes that we make, almost unconsciously are still meaningful. That means rolling up an oriental rug in the entry and baring the gleaming wood floors in the summer. Doing this can save wear and tear on your exquisite family rug during the most active skate board, roller blading, razor scooter seasons when people roll, rather than walk, through your home. You may discover that you do like the pristine emptiness.

Some people prefer to use candles, hurricane lamps, and lanterns more in the summer than in the winter. The long twilights and slowly darkening evenings seem to engender them more than the pitch blackness of winter where people definitely need light bulbs. For winter a whole round of new 3 way bulbs could be appropriate to fight off the gloom. Install a dimmer switch. They cost under $10 and you can do it yourself. That way in days of darkness you will always have just the right degree of light.

Flowers, plants, evolve naturally. All of a sudden something looks too wooly or a plant looks too "fall" and it is time to store the dried hydrangeas and put away the bittersweet. In summer, plants that thrive outside in the warm months can be sent to a plant camp in the yard. When there is so much visible greenery outside you might find that you need fewer inside.

Organization is very important in the seasonal home. Storage by season can help slipcovers, pillows, and linens be on hand for quick changes. Once you develop your seasonal style keep looking on all shopping trips for the perfect accessories to add to your room.

Seashells, boating pictures, or anything nautical is a treat for a summer room. Winter additions can be cashmere throws, pine branches in vases, blankets on tables, lots of books on hand for winter reading.

Have simple shades of white interior that can be a great backdrop for the changing seasons. In spring a bucket of bright yellow forsythia is usually blooming; summer brings piles of shells, and stones from walks on the beach and jugs of roses from the gardens. Fall can bring out the wool throws draped over chairs, a fire in the fireplace, and bittersweet branches to bring a little bit of the outdoors in.

Temporary changes are nice because they can happen quickly. Sometimes moving a piece of furniture or using a piece differently can stimulate a whole seasonal room change.

If you find the task of re-decorating your entire home overwhelming, look for certain areas of your home that would be good for displaying seasonal decorations. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are the primary focal areas.

There are a couple of easy things you can do to liven it up a little. Seasonal dish cloths and hand towels are really cute, as well as seasonal floor mats. Seasonal refrigerator magnets are also easy to update.

Dining Area
A table runner makes a nice seasonal addition. You can have one made out of Easter fabric for spring, a floral one for summer, and one of Christmas fabric. Get creative and accessorize with seasonal place mats, napkins, and napkin rings. You may also like to decorate the centre of the table for the season. A lot of times you can use a vase of seasonal flowers.

Living Room
The main areas of the living room to concentrate on are the fireplace mantel and hearth, that corner curio shelf, and the entertainment center. You could lay a garland across the top of the entertainment center that can be changed with the seasons: fall foliage for autumn, flowers for spring and summer, and evergreens for winter. On the shelves of the entertainment center and the curio shelves you may want to rotate your seasonal knickknacks.

The Others
Window clings are great for any season. Door wreaths can also be rotated any time of year. The Grapevine wreath in the autumn can easily make way for the Christmas wreath. You could have one for every season. A lot of people also have seasonal flags or banners displayed outside the house.

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