Art for Every Space: The Bathroom

By Anya Shor


A search for truly fantastic and inspired displays of great art in bathrooms doesn’t seem to yield too many examples. There are plenty of salon-style walls to be found, but that’s predictable, (besides, salon walls should be made up of a collection of small works, ideally built up over time so that each piece is meaningful…but back to the loo).

So this raised the question: why not art in bathrooms?

clip_image002 Photograph by Tina Barney, via


The most obvious concern would be humidity. The question of how much humidity affects the artwork depends on the bathroom and the type of artwork. Let’s put it this way, if you own one of those steam units in your master and you enjoy it on a daily basis, you may have to skip this all together. However, as long as you have a well-ventilated bathroom and you’re more of a quick shower kind of person, then anything’s fine. Delicate or expensive works on fine paper might be better hung elsewhere but even photography should not be at all affected. But as in all things, let common sense prevail.

This above bathroom is designed by Vincente Wolf. The photograph is by American artist Tina Barney but especially great is the quote by Wolf from the magazine where this bathroom first appeared, “They’re looking at me, I’m looking at them…[The photograph] has such an amusing edge.” Yes, agreed!

Large, singular statements in small spaces always look great, as illustrated in the bathrooms below, which are all good and inspired examples of art in the loo. There’s no way to tell what the view out the window of this bathroom is, but it’s a safe bet that it’s not that!


Photograph by Paul Edmondson, via


This is one of the best examples of art in a bathroom out there. It’s playful, unexpected, and daring in a calculated way. How fantastic to find a canvas that fits into that space so perfectly.


Horse on canvas, via

If you do go with photography, make sure you get it professionally mounted and framed. This will help prevent any moisture getting behind the glass and causing any possible damage. As well, as with any room, if the photograph is exposed to direct daylight and sun, opt for a UV filtered glass. The expense is worth it.

If you are concerned, do a quick check every once in while for mold or warping. If you’re hanging canvas or work on panel, take it off the wall and inspect the back.

Have fun! An unusual portrait or photograph of a dense urban landscape can create an interesting and memorable effect.

Pop art is a favourite choice for bathrooms. Fresh and fun!



Pop art by Nathan James, via


Bring eternal summer to your Northern bathroom with an oversized photograph by Toronto based photographer Dean West.


Beach photograph by Dean West, via


Manny Neubacher’s raw and arresting portraits on wood panel are both disquieting and serene at the same time. No matter how they make you feel, it’s hard to look away.


Image by Manny Neubacher, on



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