Art for Every Space: The Nursery

By Anya Shor


When considering art for the nursery, the general imagination probably conjures gentle images: fairies hovering above bluebells, teddy bears frolicking beneath perfect rainbows, a negligee-clad Liz Taylor swirling a scotch…wait…what?

Why it is that people rarely think about hanging “grown-up” art in kids’ rooms? Invariably, serious and substantial artworks only ever find their place above mantels, sofas and dining room tables, and yet as parents continually strive to present their children as extensions of themselves, their style and lifestyles, art in the nursery remains a separate and often uninspired issue.

So let’s challenge the notion of what is considered “appropriate” or kid-friendly art and encourage all you parents to put your abstract where your oeuf is!



Elizabeth Taylor painting by Russell Young, via


A thematic approach to art in the nursery is limiting. Let’s face it, a child is able to process a lot more than ballerinas and butterflies. We hardly believe this image of Liz is going to nurture anything other than your child’s sense of humour and their admiration for your witty and clever sense of style. They’ll be describing this room for years to come with glowing affection. Regardless of the subject matter, we adore the oversized hot pink painting in this otherwise understated and elegantly simple nursery.



Vik Muniz painting, via


If you happen to be fortunate enough to own some plum artworks, why not hang a piece in your kid’s room? If the rest of your home is a mini tour of art and design, why not extend that into your nursery and playroom? This self–portrait by the famous Brazilian-born, New York artist, Vik Muniz couldn’t be more on point!

Lastly, but most importantly, budget need not be an object. This abstract piece below is reportedly a $35 flea market find. And kids LOVE abstract art. Butterflies and fairies abound in the swirls, strokes and splatters, and babies respond naturally to the random shapes and high-contrast colours. We love how nicely it compliments the beautiful Madeline Weinrib rug!



Abstract painting, via


It’s important to always ensure that artworks are securely hung with the use of proper techniques, especially in children’s spaces. Employ professional art installers if the piece is particularly large or heavy, but a simple drywall screw secured with a wall plug is sufficient for small to medium size pieces.

Here are some more examples of some pieces for your budding aficionados to contemplate on their own time:



Adrian Williams: Childlike aesthetic belies grown-up subtext, via


Andy DeCola: Pop art lends a sophisticated touch, via



Les Newman: Minimalist, graphic images with big impact, via



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