Wooden Stool Makeover

By Sarah Jones



Wooden stools don’t get enough credit. They are useful when you need an extra seat or you need to reach something on the top shelf and they don’t take up a lot of room. They also make wonderful side tables; often offering the perfect amount of space for a reading light and your favourite book. This tutorial will show you and hopefully inspire you to take those stools to another level by adding a pop of colour to them!



  • Wooden Stool
  • Interior Spray Paint in a Colour of your Choosing
  • Newspaper or Garbage Bag
  • Painters Tape

Step 1: Prep for Painting

Find a well ventilated area to safely use your spray paint. Place a garbage bag or newspaper on the ground and put your stool (make sure it’s clean and dry) on top.



Step 2: Patterns Perhaps?


Have fun creating patterns on your stool! Remember wherever you adhere tape to the stool the paint will not make contact with the surface of the stool. I didn’t want to paint the edge of my stool seat so I used painters tape to block the paint from getting to that area. If you want to paint the entire stool a solid colour then you can skip this step.


Step 3: Colour Lover


Follow the steps on the can of spray paint and start to cover your stool with colour. You might need to do a few coats to fully cover the stool.


Step 4: Whistle While you Wait


Allow your stool to dry completely before moving it from the area you were painting it. This will take a few hours. Once it is completely dry remove the tape and admire your stripes or pattern and enjoy your new and improved stool!

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