How to Make a Headboard

By Sharon Grech


Brought to you by Benjamin Moore

Making your own headboard is easier than you think. Colour: delightful golden (2158-30)

You've probably noticed it in magazines and trendy shops: the large headboard trend is here to stay. Although beautiful, this trend is not always affordable. But you no longer need to look for the latest deals and sales, as there is a simple solution for creating a custom headboard.

We've created the headboard in this room using 12 same–sized painted canvasses (41 x 41 cm), but with two different depths (2.5 and 5 cm).

Even though the colour is uniform, the difference in thickness makes the headboard more striking and provides more depth.

Since the walls of the room are painted with a cooler white, white dove (OC–17), the headboard was a great way to bring more warmth into the room, so we chose the colour delightful golden (2158–30) to coordinate with the patterned accent cushion.

Delightful golden also complements the bedding and the cushions, which were inspired by the paint colours hampton green (2150–50) and soft chinchilla (2135–50).

The iron mountain (2134–30) coloured throw at the foot of the bed balances the décor while accenting the flower on the pillowcase and the black melamine night tables. It's a simple way to match the colours of existing furniture with new décor.

If you're adventurous or artistic, you could also design your own mural, recreate a bar code or simply copy the pattern of your favourite cushion or throw. The possibilities are limitless, and everything will be custom made in the colour combination of your choice. What more could you ask for?

We've installed the painted canvasses side by side, a few centimetres above the bed, and, by using two–sided tape on the top and bottom, we've fastened them directly to the wall. This effective method does not damage the walls, requires no tools (other than a good level), and is easier than using the traditional hammer. This is also the ideal solution when the walls are made of plaster.

Are you planning an inexpensive makeover of your room this weekend? Then this is the perfect project for you!

Happy decorating!

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