Dos & Don’ts of Colour in Small Spaces

By Mia Shulman, Managing Editor


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Bringing colour into a small room, though tricky, is not impossible. With a few key rules, you can turn the tiniest room of your home into the most colourful!

Do: Create the Illusion of Space

Stripes can go a long way to change the space and feel of a room. Vertical stripes can heighten ceilings, while horizontal stripes can widen a room. Keep the stripes on the wider side and think of this as a great opportunity to play with colour combinations.

Don't: Shy Away with Dull Tones

Dull shades can actually appear to decrease the size of a room, making a small room feel downright tiny. If your heart's set on a duller, darker colour, take on the previous tip of splitting a room with wainscoting, but flip the halves, having the colour on the bottom, and leaving the upper half white to keep the room open and light.

Do: Think Outside the Box

Look for unexpected ways to incorporate colour into a room, like painting radiators, windowsills or doorways. These small touches can go a long way to brighten a teeny tiny room. Plus, they're easily repainted if you're prone to indecision or frequent redecorating.

Don't: Paint the Ceiling the Same Colour

An absolute no-no when bringing colour into a small space is painting the ceiling. This will box in the space, bringing the ceiling down, making it feel even tinier.

Do: Go Bold

Don't be timid when selecting colours, a small room can take on bright hues, in fact, they can actually help to open the room. If you're hesitant, consider splitting the wall with wainscoting and paint the upper half, leaving the bottom half white. If you do paint with a bold colour, introduce additional colours in furniture and accessories sparingly. Keep it simple; let the walls do the talking!

Don't: Sweat the Small Stuff

The great thing about small rooms is that they take far less time and effort to paint, so they're a great place to try out ideas (and paint over if it's not exactly what you envisioned!).

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