5 Easy Ways to Introduce Colour to Your Walls

By Mia Shulman, Managing Editor



Playing with colour in your home doesn't necessarily require a can of paint and a drop sheet. There are many ways to update your walls without the investment and permanency of painting, while still creating a cohesive design and a lasting impression.

1. Shelf Appeal

Add a dash of colour to white walls with colourful shelving. Keep it minimal with floating shelves in a surprising jolt of neon, or go all out with these stackable shelves in fire engine red. Play up the colour by filling the shelves with books and keepsakes in the same colour family.

CB2 Elston Engine Modular Shelf, $129. Available at CB2

2. Sconces

Anchor a neutral bedroom with bright sconces. These red wall lamps from Ikea would instantly turn an uninspired white room into an über cool Scandinavian retreat, or create a pop-inspired room with the addition of more prime colours that Roy Lichtenstein would approve of.

IKEA PS 2012, $60. Available at IKEA

3. Doors

Making a bold entrance is a cinch when the doors of your home set the stage. A bright burst of colour contained to a doorway looks cool and won't overwhelm. Common choices are bright yellows, greens or reds, but why not take it to the next level with a pretty purple or electric blue? And be sure to polish up your hardware; against bright colours, it'll really pop!

4. Curtains

If painting is out of the question, consider a window treatment to bring colour and design into a space. It's an ideal alternative for anyone who can't make permanent changes to a space. Before purchasing anything, take stock of the furniture in your room and consider what colours, textures or prints will pull a look together or elevate the design. Curtains are a focal point, and can go a long way in creating cohesion, especially in a room with white walls.

Coqo Floral Curtain, $108-$168. Available at Anthropologie

5. Picture Frames

A white wall is the perfect base for a busy photo wall. Introduce colourful frames to highlight photos and create a dynamic display. Look for wider frames in a range of three or four complementary colours, or varying shades of one colour. This is great way to create a truly unique wall; try it in an entryway, kitchen or family room.

Kate Spade Chambers Bay, $50. Available at The Bay

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