5 DIY Ideas to Get Colour into the Kitchen

By Emma Yardley



If variety is the spice of life, then colour is the spice of decorating. Unfortunately, with bulky metal appliances and neural-coloured cabinetry, kitchens can come off a little drab. So let’s get colour cooking in the kitchen again with these five colour-focused DIY projects, perfect for the room where meals (and memories) are made.

1. Create a Chevron Tea Towel: Are there a couple of plain-coloured tea towels stuffed in the back of a kitchen drawer somewhere? Well, it’s time to pull them out and turn them into a collection of hand-painted chevron dishcloths. A sponge brush, a bottle of fabric paint in a fun colour, and a container for the paint are needed to complete this craft. Use a ruler to draw inch-wide chevrons on a piece of cardboard, cut out every second chevron and use it as a stencil on top of those ho-hum tea towels. Sponge on the zigzags and let their true colours shine through.  

Try: Linzer Foam Paint Brush, $1.99.Available at Amazon, 3M Spray Glue, $14.45. Available at Home Depot and Iris Tea Towels, $4.99 (Pack of 2). Available at IKEA

2. Change Cupboard Hardware: Sometimes small changes can make a really big impact. Something as simple as changing cupboard hardware can make all the difference when the goal is getting a hit of colour back into that kitchen. Glass, ceramic or metal, there are so many materials and designs to choose from. Pick a set of similar knobs or think a little outside the box, and mix and match with a whole variety of different colours and textures for a more bohemian feel.

Try: Ceramic Melon Knobs, $8.00. Available at Anthropologie

3. Paint a Backsplash: Not every kitchen comes equipped with a built-in backsplash. To add a splash of colour (pun intended) and create a protective layer between the wall and all those boiling hot pots and pans, painting a backsplash behind the counter and stovetop can be a good alternative. Go for a cheery colour that will make cooking seem a little less like a chore (and then consider using that same colour to paint the rest of the kitchen!).

4. Make Fabric Cookbook Covers: Cookbooks have a tendency to get ripped, stained and worn out really quickly, so to slow the ware and tear down — and bring more colour to the countertops — cover them with some fun brightly coloured fabric. Place the open book on top of the cloth and cut it 1-2” larger than the book. Layer the backside of the fabric and outside cover of book with spray glue and press them together; cut off the four corners tips from the material and tuck the sides inside the book cover. Mod Podge the edge to make sure everything is smooth and bubble free, and then feel free to judge these books by their covers.

Try: Kona Orange Cotton Fabric, $8.98/Metre. Available at Hamels Fabrics & Quilting, 3M Spray Glue, $14.45. Available at Home Depot

5. Hang a Family Recipe Gallery: Putting together a colourful frame gallery is a great way to add interest to a wall, but finding a theme that seems appropriate in a kitchen is a taller order. Like with many things in life, the past can inform the future. Put that box of old family recipe cards to good use and display them for all to see — not only is it a celebration of the food that fed multiple generations, but it also makes it a lot easier to find that cheese-biscuit recipe in hurry.

Try: Kate Spade Chamber Bay Frame, $50.00. Available at The Bay, My Grandmother's Family Kitchen, $37.00. Available at Indigo

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