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Nico and Allison are rebuilding in record time thanks to modular building technology, while Vlad came to the prefab market looking for a luxury getaway home in wine country.

Time To Grow Up/A Place To Heal

Joey and Cindy are first time homebuyers who need a fast and innovative solution to get them out of their cramped apartment, while Steve and his wife Amy are turning to modular technology to build a cabin in the Smoky Mountains where family comes...

Lots of Potential/A Modular Solution

Jason and Zolina are done with their cramped apartment and are doing a modular build on their street so they can have the home of their dreams without having to move, while Justin and Casey, after years of saving up for a place of their own, are...

A Prefab Legacy/The Green Home

Mike and Tami have eight kids and no time to spend together, so they’re building a prefab log cabin where the family can spend quality time while Jordyn, ready to leave her rental behind, is turning to the modular world to build an eco...

No Time to Waste/Sweeter with Wine

Angie and Dan need a real family home for their growing boys and with only have a month left on their lease, turn to modular technology to meet their tight timeline, while Jim and Lynne are ready to trade their four thousand square foot home in the...

A Second Chance/The Round House

Dorrie and Brian buy a prefab beach house in New Jersey while Steve and Nancy are building a circular panelized home in the Black Mountains of North Carolina.

Starting Over/The Tradition

Bill and Kim are building a modular country house in Indiana while Mark and Donna are buying a modular home on the New Jersey coastline.

Stormproofing/Big Plans

Jack and MaryEllen build a modular home in New Jersey while Rich and Wil are building a family home in Florida.

The Surprise/ School Days

Mike and Stephanie are building a new modular home in New Jersey while James and Kelly build a prefab home in Virginia.

Modular Home on the Range/ In-law Overload

Derek and Kristi need a home of their own on the family ranch where they live and work while Robin and David turn to the prefab world so they can move out of their daughter’s family home and give them back their space.

Big Mood on the Prarie/ The Race for Space

Nathan and Jennifer turn to the prefab world to build them a new family home, fast, on their beloved farm in Kansas while Dwight and Angie and their first child are going modular to get into a proper family home, fast.

It's All About Family/ Take Me Home

Now that Michael and Christine have a new daughter, they’re going modular to get into a real family home as fast as they can while John, living in a condo in the city, is building a prefab to get back to the quiet mountain life he loves.

Out of the Ashes/ Panelized Palace

David and Kristin are buying a prefab to get their lives back on track after they lost their home to a fire while Aaron and Garrett are building a panelized home, that will not only be new and fresh, but built in record time.

Country Bound/A Place for Family

Susan and Robert are building a modern modular marvel outside of Quebec City while Nate and Lexi bought a lot in wine country and are going modular to get into a family home as fast as they can.

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