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Renée Reardin

Renee Reardin is a lifestyle writer and stylist living in Toronto. To learn more about her, please visit, and follow her on Twitter @reneereardin.

10 Uses for Wire Hangers

Posted by Renée Reardin Thursday, May 15, 2014 10:26 AM EST


We don’t condone using wire hangers (they wreak havoc on your clothing) but don’t go returning them to your dry cleaner just yet! We have 10 must-see ways to put those wire hangers to good use and create cool household essentials.


From a magazine display rack to a tall fruit bowl, we have your next DIY project covered.




For the full DIY, visit:

1. BrightNest Magazine Display | 2. Apartment Therapy Fruit Bowl | 3. Crème de la Craft Bracelets | 4. Super Ziper Book Wall Storage | 5. Apartment Therapy Community Hanging Planter | 6. Catch My Party Wreath | 7. BrightNest Tape Organizer | 8. BrightNest Scarf Holder | 9. PG Everyday Oven Mitt Storage | 10. Apartment Therapy Sandal and Flats Storage

Topics: Organization, DIY, DIY Decor


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