Guest Author

Guest Author

Which Model Home Showdown Living Room Do You Like Better?

Posted by Guest Author Tuesday, November 16, 2010 3:23 PM EDT


Have you been watching cheeky Andrew and cutie pie Cheryl battle it out with each other, and their respective model homes? Andrew Pike and Cheryl Torrenueva were each given a model home in Brantford, ON, to decorate for maximum home buyer appeal.  Of course a little competition ensued, and we've got the whole thing on camera

But what we really want to know is...which home do you like better???  I realize it's not really fair to ask your opinion of the whole home, so we'll be comparing them room by room!   Today: the living rooms. VOTE!

Andrew's Living Room


Cheryl's Living Room 

Topics: Model Home Showdown, Decor, Interior Design


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