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10 Gift Ideas for the Vintage Lover

Posted by Sami Wall Wednesday, December 5, 2012 9:00 AM EST



From a retro cookie jar to an old-school telephone, these 10 vintage gift ideas are the best of the best.


1. For the writer in your life. This sentimental gift will be a delight for the fingertips and help excite and ignite the literary creative genius within.

Vintage typewriter, $46. Available at


2. This fun and classic Eames design goes great in an entryway or a bedroom. It adds a splash of colour and playfulness to the space.

Eames hang it all, $76. Available at


3. This toy is a blast from the past! Actually, it’s a reproduction of a blast from the past. Appropriate for kids and kids at heart. This nostalgic and adorable wind-up robot is sure to create some smiles.

Robot, available at Bakers Dozen Antiques.


4. Everything is digital now. It feels good to get back to the basics. Polaroid cameras manage to capture special moments with a unique flare that cannot be beat. With all the new-age technology out there, why is it still so fun to watch a polaroid picture come to life?!

Polaroid camera, $46. Available at


5. The idea is retro but the product is not. Anthropologie seems to have gotten inspired by some 1950s cookie jars, selling these fun and happy owls to hold our festive treats.

Cookie jar, $68. Available at


6. Once you take note of this penguin ice bucket, you will start noticing them everywhere. Mass-produced in the 1950s, it has since become a vintage store icon. If you happen to find this treasure, you will most likely pay anywhere from $10-$80. Although it is not great at it’s primary purpose of keeping ice cold, it looks super cute at a party!

Ice bucket via zestvintage on


7. Macramé planters are a vintage idea with a new and exciting energy. Once viewed as old-lady lame, they are now the hip new trend. You can make them, find them in thrift stores, or hunt online for these vertical and lively works of art.

Macramé planter via, available at


8. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful wooden salad bowl. Everyone needs one! This Dansk bowl has an honest and timeless beauty.

Dansk salad bowl, $99. Available at


9. Vintage West German vases come in many beautiful shapes, colours and sizes. They were funky when they hit the scene in the 1950s and remain funky today. With such variety, there is ample opportunity to choose the perfect option to suite the personality of the lucky gift-receiver.

West German vase, $46. Available at


10. Does anyone you know still have a home line? If so, a vintage phone is a great gift idea. Phones today definitely do way more than they used to, but they are just not as pretty! Vintage phones come in every colour and bring back fun memories of prank calls, detangling coiled wires and actually talking (not texting) to your friends.

Telephone via


Do you have a favourite?


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