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Video Question of the Week: How Many IKEA Items do You Own?

Posted by Guest Author Monday, September 28, 2009 7:48 PM EDT


Whatever your personal feelings on IKEA may be, the fact is that it’s always there for you. There are several times in your life when a lump purchase of furniture and accessories is required; college, cottage, moving, new baby, an ageing parent moving in, growing children, etc.   Ideally, everything you buy for a home should be sought out and purchased on a love-at-first-sight basis, but the reality is that we simply don’t have time (and/or money) for that. 

 Photo via Positive Fanatics blog

That’s where the allure of an all-encompassing, mostly affordable and mercifully style-conscious store like IKEA makes it hard to resist.  The empty room taunts you, you’re sitting on boxes, the stark daylight (along with your neighbours) scourges your blind-less windows and next thing you know, you’re pushing a teetering flat cart toward a breadline-sized line-up, wanting a cinnamon roll.

For reflection, I thought it would be interesting to note just how many IKEA pieces an “average” person owns (I put that in quotations because our methods are not that scientific.)  And surprise surprise, not few.  Proof: IKEA is part of our domestic lives.  What do you go to IKEA for, and what over the years have been some of your favourite pieces?

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