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Guest Author

Trend Question of the Week: The 'Anti-Soft': Do Wood Rugs Defeat the Purpose?

Posted by Guest Author Monday, September 27, 2010 3:10 PM EDT


Elisa Strozyk

A few years ago I started noticing the proliferation of wooden slat carpets. I'm not talking traditional bamboo mats, but literally hardwood slats woven together for a look akin to a square of hardwood on top of whatever floor you already have. Those were interesting, but didn't quite make it over to our Canadian market.

This year, the wood rug trend persists. Following last year's "Kona" rug, Crate & Barrel is showing a wooden bathmat of the same ilk.  West Elm is serving up a similar rug (left) for your living room in Ebony; and then I saw Elisa Stroyzk's creation made from offcuts of veneer (above)...

I love the look, but aren't carpets and rugs a refuge for your tired feet, an island of soft reprieve amid the hard, unforgiving expanse of floor? Is a wood carpet kinda like a steel bean bag


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Topics: Carpets, Mats, Rugs, Trends, Interior


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