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Top 6 Saturday: Hallway Storage and Organizing Ideas

Posted by Guest Author Saturday, March 19, 2011 2:00 PM EST


Last Saturday I went on a closet binge. Today I tackle hallway storage.  Personally, I can't see too many ideas when it comes to organizing the flotsam and jetsam that collects around the entryway. Here are six ideas addressing hallways of all shapes and sizes -- which suits you best?  

The Stairs Cubby

House to Home

Make your stairs do double duty! Most people have a staircase to the basement/lower level beneath the main staircase in homes like this one, thereby negating the full under-stairs storage option, but here they simply stripped the drywall to the studs. And you can assign a cubby to each family member like a school locker -- organizational bliss!

Wall Work

This is a great way to maximize your wall space. Lattice from your local hardware store (painted white, of course) acts as a bulletin board for S hooks. Totally modular and not at all unattractive! You will have to put some care into choosing the baskets however, and make sure the lattice wall doesn't turn into the mess you've been trying to avoid, simply stuck to the wall...

Small Space Cool Stuff

Utilitile by Thout;; Staircase by Danny Kuo

There's a big trend among designers toward wall-mounted multifaceted 'utility tiles' such as the one by Thout (Canadian, by the way!), but I'm not sure what I think of them. Usually they look cool more than anything else, but I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt (when have I ever shunned something pretty?)  That Staircase storage unit though...amazing. You have to check out it's crazy utility on the site.

The Curtain Trick

via Emmas Design blog

One of my personal faves: the curtain trick. Hang what you want, how you want, and curtain it off! I blog the curtain virtually every month, but I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody takes cue. It's such an easy, aesthetically pleasing way to manage cluttered areas -- have you curtained anything off?


This is a soft reveal (as in a soft launch) of my hallway closet that's taken the better part of a year to complete (this is where it started). I am not suggesting this as an 'easy DIY option', because we're STILL not done with it, but the idea, if you can project manage it better, is a good one (if I may say).  I'll give you the full story when I post the official reveal (once the hardware is on), but basically, we built this out of three salvaged doors: two for the front doors, and one door cut in half to act as the sides. It's very shallow, and is affixed to the wall much like a bathroom cabinet to hide a series of hooks. It's great because we were able to control the depth -- most armoires are way too deep to be in a hallway.

The Find

Objects not Paintings blog;

I LOVE a hallway stand. They're not all that easy to find, but do come up in mid-brow antique and vintage stores from time to time. They are also a bit pricey and not exceptionally practical, but OH so charming. A girlfriend of mine has a beautiful Edwardian bentwood and cane one in her compact little townhome, and she maxes it out with her hallway needs. But let's not kid ourselves, it's more of a looker than anything else.

Which suits you best?


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