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Michelle Carangi

Michelle Carangi is a Montreal-based designer who blogs about interior design at Holley & Gill and is the Style Director at Pure Green magazine. 

Top 5 Simple Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Posted by Michelle Carangi Friday, November 25, 2011 9:32 AM EST


A table setting is something that I am rarely able to spend time perfecting during the holidays. Getting caught up in planning menus, cleaning the house from top to bottom and shopping for gifts for the entire family – something’s gotta give. Although I am constantly inspired by the fabulous and festive tablescapes that I find online or in magazines, my energy has usually fizzled out by the time the food is ready to be served. By that point, the last thing on my mind is figuring out how to decorate the table, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your guests showed up and the dining table was perfectly set up, the centerpiece of your room? I’ve come to realize that it’s not all that difficult to make this happen. Of course it would take some planning, but frankly, a few simple touches here and there and we could all have the look we’ve been dreaming of, for our next dinner party...



If colour is not your strong point and the more subdued hues have always appealed to you, keeping a neutral colour palette is a good way to remain classy and cool. No need to colour coordinate here!

Au Naturel


Didn’t manage to squeeze in any extra time to shop for some festive accents? Look no further than right outside your door! Pinecones and branches can easily liven things up, especially with a bit of spray paint (think white or silver)


You don’t always have to resort to the traditional red or green table linens. Be adventurous in your choices and find a fun pattern like this plaid to create a unique backdrop for your accessories.

Go Vintage

Hvítur Lakkrís

There’s no need to reinvent your look when hosting a dinner. Showcasing and layering your vintage pieces is always chic.

Double Duty

Mimi and Meg

Repurpose your tree ornaments as centerpieces or even tie a ribbon through them to create matching napkin rings.

Gorgeous and achievable tablescape designs, what more could you ask for? Now if only someone could help out with the leftover dishes.

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