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Top 5 Saturday: Teen & Tween Room Essentials

Posted by Editorial Team Saturday, April 30, 2011 2:19 PM EST


Here I am at the second transition point when my children are on their way to becoming young adults. These days it seems like it happens sooner rather than later. But though it sounds scary, it’s actually a beautiful time. They still love fun, color, play and learning, only now they need...more.  Now it's school and friends, technology, music, and sports...the same but different. So what's a mother to do? Redecorate! Decorating teen spaces can be a challenge however so before you shop, make sure you take some time to assess their needs. I recently attended the launch of Pottery Barn's new Teen line and have been inspired to share some of what I've found to be teen and tween room essentials.


Dressing form, Sports mural and Camo sheets all from Pottery Barn Teen

This is when decor really is about the occupant’s personal style. The room reflects what's important in a teen's daily life, amounting to a grand expression of "who they are". These times, when your child begins to really develop interests are what parents live for. And incidentally, allowing for a teen to inject their own personality is a good way to keep track of what they're into. An aspiring fashion designer might put the outfit of choice on one of these full size dressing forms. How about a sports mural on the wall for daily inspiration? Prints normally found on clothing items are fun in decor items too, like these classic camo sheets.

Hard Work /Lighting

Think Big lamp, Pottery Barn Teen; Laptop table, Ikea; Chelsea Swivel chair, Pottery Barn Teen

One day it's the abc's, and then it became indoor shoes, gym clothes and heavy textbooks. Getting form school to home, lugging those knapsacks, the kids are getting a work out. Once home, workspace becomes the priority, and comfort is really key. A well planned desk can mean the difference between a great paper and "the dog ate my homework". And because these days, everyone's on laptops, this laptop table is right there for them when it's time to get off the sofa and buckle down. The pretty Chelsea Swivel chair has great back support with comfy cushions, and is on wheels so they can lazily get about. Lighting is also important, and the Think Big table lamp helps avoid that harsh task lighting of days gone by.

Get Amplified

Mini speaker, Bass and Mic sham and headphones all Pottery Barn Teen

If you can plug it in and play it; they want it. I find myself trying to accommodate their love for equipment with my need for a sightline clear of audio-visual tangles. Some things you just can’t hide but these Mini Speakers and Dottie Rock-Out headphones are so cute, why would you want to? And I'm sure there is a budding bass player anxious to go to sleep on this Mic and Amp sham.

The Techi Generation

Games storage box, panel filing with cord outlet, laptop tray, all Ikea

It's the dawn of the video game console, smart phones, digi-books and the "i" universe. To manage it all try this Storage box for games, a cord system and a laptop support tray

Hanging Out

Furlicious bean bag, Potter Barn Teen; Hemnes daybed with drawers, Ikea; Cushy Lounge sectional, Pottery Barn Teen

School age is all about making connections. As a teen your friends are the centre of the universe and hanging out with those friends takes up much of your free time. Parents, take heed: it's better if they hang out at home, so make those tween and teen rooms into full-blown lounges! Try incorporating a daybed, funky bean bags (they've gotten way cooler!) and sometimes even a scaled sectional to make their rooms inviting.

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