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Top 5 Fridays: Toddler Seating

Posted by Mia Rodak, Website Manager Friday, July 17, 2009 5:00 PM EST


When you have a growing baby in your house, you get to a certain point when all you want them to do is walk. You practice and you cheer them on as they cruise around your furniture and take their first wobbly, tentative steps on their own. You run for the video camera and then not long after that, you run for the low cupboards full of hidden dangers and the glass coffee table that is suddenly right at head-cracking height. Before you know it your house doesn't have anything dangerous below two feet and your little munchkin doesn't just walk, but RUNS. Everywhere. All. The. Time.

Suddenly you have gone from being the 'learn to walk cheering squad' to simply wishing that, for five minutes, your little toddler would just stop with all the toddling and sit down. I happen to have a toddler on the brink of toddling and already I can see what a handful she'll be once she really gets going so I'm trying to stay one step ahead of her (as if) and get us some toddler seating that's a) fun for her and b) easy to use, store and move around my tiny house. And yeah, it's got to look good too. 

Here's what I have discovered:

Bean Bags

From left to right: Fatboy Junior; Pouletta the Chicken by 3 Sprouts

Is there anything more fun for a kid than a bean bag chair? Just imagine having a pillow that's the same size as your entire body (and by the way, the Fatboy comes in adult sizes too)! The Fatboy Junior is available in a bunch of bright, fun colours and can be used in as many ways as your child's imagination will allow. The Chicken? Well, Chicken happens to be one of my daughter's nicknames and I just totally fell in love. Plus, it's designed and made in Canada. Oh, and it's awesome.

High Chairs

From left to right: Tripp Trapp by Stokke; Svan High Chair

Okay, so the high chairs I've chosen are not the cheapest out there, but here's my justification. First of all, both of these models will grow with your toddler and both can eventually be used as full-fledged adult chairs. Both are super-stylish, and available in several colours (the Tripp Trapp comes in 10!). For me style is important in a high chair because it is going to be a prominant piece of furniture in your home for a while. Personally I couldn't bare to stare daily at one of those plastic and foam numbers covered in jungle animals. More selling features? Both are egonomically correct and can be used right up at the table when your toddler is ready, promoting family togetherness and not isolating your baby during mealtimes. Sold? I was. I have the Svan, in espresso as shown, at my house.


From left to right: Monte Cubino; Little Reader by P'Kolino

Don't know about yours, but my toddler loves to lounge (lucky, I know). She spends a lot of time reading books and, yes, watching TV (gasp!). Currently she does this either right on the floor or on a pile of big throw pillows I picked up at IKEA especially for her. I'm thinking it's time for a real chair and I've fallen in love with these. The Monte Cubino is a stunning chair that's also available as a love seat (love!). It's made in Canada and some of you may know the company because of the super-amazing gliders that they make for adults. The Little Reader is both pretty and sturdy. It comes in a durable ultra-suede finish and is available in five colours so you're sure to find one that works with your decor and tickles the fancy of your little one.

Arts and Crafts

From left to right: Taj Chair by Arlington; P'Kolino Klick

How cute are these? And practical, too. The Taj comes in five different finishes (Cherry shown here) and is a sturdy little chair that's perfect if you already have a kids desk or table around. The Klick is an ingenious chair/desk combo that's perfect if you live in a small space like me. It all tucks away into a neat little cube, plus it has storage for art supplies under the chair and comes in red, orange or green.

The Throne

From left to right: Boon Inc. Potty Bench open; and closed into bench form

Okay, so I am cheating a little on this one. But let's face it, it's one of the seats that a toddler is going to need! Why not make it stylish? Boon Inc. has successfully done it with the Potty Bench. This puppy is not only easily accessible to your little one so they can perform the obvious, but it also stores toilet paper, wipes and closes up to convert to a stury and useful stepstool/bench that will support up to 300lbs. We're not quite at potty training days in my house, but you can bet that when we are, the Potty Bench will be right there with us.

What have I missed? Do you have a favourite toddler seat or style of seat that you can share? Help a Mama out!

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