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Top 5 Friday: Trends in Luxurious Bathtubs: Shapes, Cladding and Accessories

Posted by Guest Author Friday, July 8, 2011 3:35 PM EST


I'll tell you three bathtub trends that I'm over: square tubs that looks like sarcophagi, decorative claw feet, and deck tubs (which are also often whirlpools), even the modern ones.  And it would seem I'm not alone. Bathtub designers plying their trade on the vanguard are offering a new take on the aforementioned conventions. Organic shapes, creative cladding incorporating storage, pedestals and luxurious natural materials are all setting the new bar for ultimate bathtub luxury. 

In Other News...
The Sartoriale bathtub is by Antonio Lupi via; tub by Antonio Lupi via

Have you thought of the colour blue for your tub?

Current Obsession

Empire freestanding rectangular tub by Waterworks; photograph by Jeane Randazzo via

This is the tub I obsessed over in my Monday Quiz; the one that was part of that amazing Park Avenue apartment in Birth (2004). It's a late 19th century style (made of composite material by Waterworks and others, so not necessarily heavy) found both in France and England, and I find it so much more gracious and enduring than the clawfoot tub. Clawfoots are sooo ubiquitous and decorative. I am totally finding them garish these days...I am. Of course, these are about four times the price of a vintage clawfoot, obviously, but they fit two comfortably -- that's something, no?

The New Romantic

Pier oval pedestal tub by Waterworks; inspiracionline blog

Ok it's not new, but the pedestal tub is much more prevalent these days. Again, I credit its rise to the fact that people are looking for an out from a clawfoot. (Poor clawfoots! I'm on a tear.) I do love that industrial, vaguely '50s version by Waterworks -- you can hang your towel on the stand!

Tub Storage

Egg bath with storage pedestal by Rexa Design

Egg bath with storage pedestal by Rexa Design; storage tub surround/cladding by Rexa Design

You see, I know that many of you will get upset with me for poo-pooing the tub deck. The tub deck is so convenient for holding your various accessories such as candles bath & shower products. Well to you I say, why not incorporate shelving into your tub surround? Look at that amazing pedestal on the Egg tub (left)! So much more contemporary than the tile coffins of the '90s...

So Slimming!

Would love to hear if anyone out there has clad their tub with mirror. It literally makes it disappear! 

The Natural Way

Natural stone tub by Antonio Lupi

Nothing can beat an organic shape and natural materials. I have been a fan of the grandiose marble basins lauded in decor magazines for decades, but I'm getting to be a bit more modest as time rolls on. Though obviously not in expenditure because these two above are clearly not mid-market. But oh so dreamy... You know, they're making some very interesting things out of Corian these days. I've seen synthetic reproductions of the stone tub that are quite convincing and fetching.

Which one is your favourite?


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