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Top 5 Friday: Paint Colours for the Bathroom

Posted by Alicia Cox Thomson Friday, July 15, 2011 2:08 PM EST


We're talking bathrooms throughout July and a question that came up is one I'm sure many people face: what colour should I paint my bathroom? Of course, personal style always trumps what design folks say, so if you want a neon green or funky orange bathroom, then please paint away (and send us a photo if you have one!) Today's Top 5 Friday offers choices on paint colours from neutral to black and shades in between.


Neutral shades like white, beige, and grey are soothing, peaceful and traditional. Cooler shades are crisp with slight blue undertones and warmer shades are creamier with slight brown undertones.

Wall Colour- Pacific Mist 51YY 83/060, Ici Paints

Add colour through accessories and artwork like in this bathroom from Marriage Under Construction season 4. Another paint suggestion: Bisque SR44 by Sarah Richardson Designer Palette for Para

Or, try a funky detailed strip of tile like in Katia and Mihran's bathroom. Paint suggestions:  Twilight Gray 750E-2, Manhattan Mist 760E-2 or Gentle Rain 790E-2 all by Behr.


How many times have you heard someone refer to their bathroom as spa-inspired? That's because everyone dreams of a day at the spa but makes do with what they have. Spa shades tend to be in the pale blue to green family to mimic calming oceanic colours.

Bryan Baeumler's wife Sarah chose a soft pale green for their ensuite from House of BryanPaint suggestions: Line of Credit P5170-24 or Meditation Time P5171-34, both by Para.

  Wall colour: Skylight Modern Emulsion by Farrow & Ball

Leaning more towards blue than green? The guest bath from Marriage Under Construction season 3 is textbook spa. Another paint suggestion:  Borrowed Light, also by Farrow & Ball


A yellow bathroom just sounds cheerful, doesn't it?

Image from

A deeper, more orange-based shade perks up a guest bath, like in this space above. Paint suggestions: Manila Tint 310A-3 by Behr, Custard by Martha Stewart Living (available at Home Depot in Canada).

While a buttery, more cream-based shade would work equally well in a space with light, like this ensuite from HGTV's Top 10, or in a smaller, dimmer space that needs brightening up. Paint suggestions: Cream Yellow 320C-2, Melted Butter 300A-3 by Behr


For a more feminine palette, try pastel ranging from soft pinks to mauves -- also very flattering for most skin tones (bonus!).

Wall colour: Gown SR9 by Sarah Richardson Designer Palette for Para; aka Smarty Pants P5195-24 under Para's regular line.

This master ensuite from Sarah 101 was designed for its female owner as a sweet retreat. Another paint suggestion: Sweet Flush P5142-14D by Para, a barely-there pink

Statement Shades: Dark & Dramatic

We often hear that the powder room is the best place to be dramatic in the world of bathrooms, but there aren't any rules saying you can't be bold in your main bath.

Take Emma and Myles' black bathroom -- dramatic, right? But still pretty amazing. Paint suggestions: Francesca or Silhouette by Martha Stewart Living.

A bold colour statement don't have to be that extreme, however. Take this bath from Income Property season 4:

Wall colour: Night Sky 90BG 25/079 A1957 by Ici Paints.

This basement bathroom doesn't get any natural light, but the deep blue works because it creates a moody feel when combined with the dark cabinetry and flooring. Another paint suggestion: Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

So there you have it -- there are many, many paint choices out there and it can seem overwhelming. Just keep in mind that the bathroom is a small room and if you don't like it, you can repaint in an afternoon!

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