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Top 5 Friday: Double Duty Tabletop Accessories You Won't Regret Buying

Posted by Emma Reddington Friday, November 11, 2011 2:00 PM EST


Let’s face it, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who love to throw parties and those who would rather be invited to one! Personally, I’m in the former camp, where I can let my cooking and decorating skills shine. Whichever side you find yourself on there are times when we will all be faced with the task of hosting a party. Whether it’s a family sit-down dinner for 12, a cocktail party for 50 or a festive brunch for friends, there are a few tabletop accessories you can invest in that will make your party look spectacular and will do double duty throughout the holiday season.

Glass Cloches

The Fromagette; Martha Stewart

These have become somewhat ubiquitous lately but the truth is, they look lovely and make anything you place inside them that much more interesting. Whether you use them for an individual cheese course at a formal dinner, fill them with holiday ornaments and decorations or line them up on your buffet filled with cookies and treats, they add that special touch. Beyond the entertaining, glass cloches can look fabulous on a fireplace mantle or shelf filled with everyday curiosities. If you're thinking of your buffet or sideboard, group two to three glass cloches side by side -- always looks better. One on its own looks kind of lonely and is ultimately not a complete idea. 

Three-Tier Stand

Space for Inspiration;, The Inspired Room

I bought one of these years ago and have never regretted it. From mountains of cupcakes to layers of cascading fruit to shellfish tasting platters these multi-functional three-tier stands are always appropriate for a party. They add instant height and drama to any buffet table and make your party look like a professional masterpiece. When not filled with food they look equally good standing alone on a sideboard or shelf in your kitchen. Choose a stand that best suits your overall decor and taste whether its clean-lined and modern or more decorative and traditional.

The Good Old Punch Bowl

Pinterest; Traditional Home

When you hear the words punch bowl you might wonder what era I’m living in, but I think the punch bowl is due for a return! Fill it up with your favourite elixir for a tree-trimming get-together or a co-worker’s holiday party and then use it the rest of the season as a festive centrepiece. Filled with your favourite Christmas ornaments or paper dreidels, it makes a simple and easy holiday centrepiece. And if you’re lucky enough to have a large, traditional silver punch bowl, you could even plant a small Christmas tree in it!

Wood Boards

Style at Home; Love Nordic

A wood cutting board is something you probably already own, but did you know that it makes a great addition to a holiday table? Whether it’s used for a selection of cheeses or as the foundation for a beautiful cake they add a warm, organic touch to any festive spread. Look for boards with character and personality -- round boards are highly sought after!

The Cake Pedestal

Martha Stewart; Martha Stewart

If you don’t already own one of these, go out and buy one now. Not only will it make every cake you bake look that much more spectacular but it can be used for a host of other ideas. From orange and clove pomanders to delicately sugared fruit, cake pedestals make for irresistibly easy centrepieces. You could even use one at a holiday brunch stacked with your favourite muffins or bagels. Look for a pedestal that suits your overall style and has a steady, level base.

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