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Top 5 (7) Friday: Modern Rocking Chairs

Posted by Guest Author Friday, August 12, 2011 5:45 PM EST


I'm a mom. I nursed my baby. I needed that rocking chair. I chose not to go with a glider because they were pricier and limited in choice, and truth be told, I could not have foreseen how much that chair was going to mean to me. In retrospect, as a breastfeeding mother, I could have used the benefits of a glider. But I went vintage, as usual, and the $90 I spent more than paid off. 

Even if you don't nurse your baby, and/or you're a dad/primary caregiver to a newborn, you will need that chair to rock your fussy bundle to sleep. Once that's accomplished you'll need to pass out while performing your crib-side vigils -- that baby ain't sleeping for long, and at some point you'll have to get used to sleeping in a chair.

But it gets better!! As parenthood blooms into the tolerable and eventually overwhelmingly beautiful thing that it is, you'll use that chair for reading, games, cuddles and more of life's beautiful moments. All this hallmark emotion to stress that you should really include rocking chair among your baby room/nursery needs, and make sure that chair is comfortable, attractive and built to last.

From there, follow your tastes! (And your budget.) Which chair would be your choice? 

Pride of Winnipeg HutJ's Camilla Rocker, by Matthew Kroeker

Camilla Rocker can be purchased direct from HutJ or at

Eames Molded Plastic Rocker

Eames Molded Plastic Arm Chair with Rocker Base, available at Quasi Modo, Gabriel Ross, and other select retailers across Canada.

Empire Rocker by Nurseryworks

Empire Rocker by Nurseryworks, available at Ella+Elliot and other select retailers across Canada.

GUS*Modern GT Rocker

GUS*Modern GT Rocker available through GUS as well as

Ikea's POANG Rocking Chair 

POANG Rocking Chair, available in a choice of upholstery and colours.

Monte Joya Rocker

Monte Joya Rocker, available at Ella+Elliot and other select retailers across Canada.

Monte is in fact one of the most popular designer of contemporary gliders, should you decide to invest.

The Vogue Vintage Choice: Thonet-Inspired '60s Chrome Rocker;

These are popping up everywhere! I agree with the choices above that their best look is in a bright velvet. Get to eBay and Craigslist!

Vintage Lurks EVERYWHERE 

BlessedBeeMelisa on

Like this little looker on Etsy... Paint and fabric scraps are just waiting at your door... 

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