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This HAS to Be the Easiest DIY Water Feature We’ve Ever Seen

Posted by Brent Furdyk Tuesday, February 9, 2016 1:35 PM EST


We’ve found your Spring project! And just guess how much it costs to make… Only $30!

Kathy Woodard at The Garden Glove felt like she needed some water-feature chic in her yard, so she came up with this genius idea for a DIY water feature that won’t break your budget and, more importantly, is unbelievably simple to create.

Supplies required: A fountain pump (a solar-powered one if there’s not a nearby power source); a water-tight plastic storage container, such as those made by Rubbermaid; some flat concrete pavers; rocks of various sizes, both small and large; and a plant (such as water grass) that will thrive in water.


The first step is, obviously, to determine where you’d like this new water feature to go. Once you’ve located the ideal spot, place the container there and trace its shape in the dirt. Then, grab a shovel and dig out a hole deep enough to accommodate the depth of the container, so its sides are flush with the surface of the ground.


Place the container in the hole, and fill in any areas outside the container with dirt in order to ensure a nice, tight fit.


Add several larger rocks inside the plastic container, which will weigh it down and anchor it securely in the dirt. Then place the water pump in the container, using the rocks to ensure the pump is secured in place. You can dig a small trench to conceal the pump’s power cord or, if you’ll be putting in plants surrounding the water feature, simply use the plants to hide the cord.


Lay the pavers along the edge of the container, covering the lip so the edges of the container are completely covered. Then use smaller, flat stones (smooth, polished will offer a great look) to fill in the four corners where there’s space between the pavers.

If you’re planning to plant a water plant in the water feature, now’s the time to place it (inside its pot) inside the container, preferably with the pot’s rim sitting just above the water’s surface. Add more rocks of varying shapes and colours to anchor the pot and fill up the container even more.

Now it’s ready to be filled with water, and the pump can be plugged in. Most pumps allow you to adjust the spray, so it’s your call whether you’d like a gentle bubbling water effect or something more dramatic such as a fountain spray.


The final step: tidy up the surrounding area and take a step back to admire the stunning new feature you’ve added to your backyard!

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