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The Best, Timeless Accent Colours

Posted by Iris Benaroia Thursday, December 12, 2013 1:07 PM EDT


Maybe it was the company. Maybe it was the cocktail. Whatever the reason, last month I wore red lipstick to a bash for the first time in my life. I was like one of those ’40s starlets, minus the waist-clinching bolero jacket and iron-waved hair. Point is, I felt transformed: brighter, confident, happy. That’s what a timeless, classic red can do for you. And it’s no different with your home. Tap into your home’s inner Rita Hayworth with these enduring accent hues.




Sarah Russell Interiors

Persimmon — the fleshy tomato imposter — has a red-orange balance that almost vibrates with good energy. Pair persimmon with a dark blue and you’ve got a timeless palette that’s fit for any style of home.







I mean… Those drapes! Used sparingly and strategically, a bright, verdant (“Kelly”ish) green is a perennial hit in great rooms – living, dining, parlours (do people have those anymore?)


Fresh Home


Never thought I’d say this about a green kitchen, but it really works. Shaker cabinetry, herringbone floors and a subway backsplash lend textural depth, so it doesn’t feel too coolly modern.







Via Jeroen Van Der Spek and Cleo Scheulderman through Colour Collective blog


This looks exhumed from the Victorian era — is it for a kid’s birthday party or an eccentric Christmas tree? Who knows? Yet the persimmon against the flat dusty teal is the picture of tranquility. The distressed desk is an ideal foil against the shiny bronze jug. Opposites attract, even in design.


Canal blog


Blue and brown are old pals in the home of a Mid Century Modern enthusiast. Here, a Madmen-esque home office, which sees wood elements invigorated by the blue in the plush ’60s chairs and wall.

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