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Moodboard: Thanksgiving

Posted by Emma Reddington Wednesday, September 18, 2013 2:26 PM EST


Longing for a Thanksgiving that doesn’t look like the one your mother always throws? Not impressed with paper napkins decorated with plump feathered turkeys and overflowing cornucopias? Me too.


modernthanksgiving Image via Apartment Therapy


I’ll be the first to admit that the traditional Thanksgiving offerings leave much to be desired. But who says who we have to follow them - surely there are more modern ways we can celebrate this harvest time of year.




Plate, cutlery, stoneware bowl and teak dish, vintage; Grey Velvet, Designer Fabrics; Linen Napkin, Fog Linen; Feathers, Sussman Bridal; Black bowl, Homesense; Terracotta bowl, West Elm.


The quickest way to turn Thanksgiving on its head is to throw out the typical brown, yellow and orange colour scheme. Nothing says ho-hum and dated like the aforementioned palette.


Moody blues, greys, purples and dark forest greens are warm and earthy and just as evocative of the fall season. Just think of some of the beautiful grey-green Hubbard squashes out there.


If you do want to keep some of the traditional palette do so in small doses like with Billy Ball flowers or a small terracotta serving dish. A tiny bit goes a long way! Speaking of squashes, say goodbye to the much overused and ubiquitous orange pumpkin this year. (Don’t worry, it’ll have its day come Halloween.) Think about creating a centrepiece around edible vegetables and leafy greens like kale, rosemary, eggplants and other shapely plants.  


Finally add in a bit of luxury with a plush velvet tablecloth or runner. Contrasted with rough linen napkins and silky ethically sourced feathers and you’ll have a modern Thanksgiving table your guests will be talking about.

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