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Table Setting Faux Pas to Avoid

Posted by Marla Brown Tuesday, December 4, 2012 9:00 AM EST


Table setting faux pas have nothing to do with your style – they are actually more about the overall presentation of your table (which makes them easier to avoid).


Table Setting Faux Pas


While anything seems to go these days as far as personal style in dishware, stemware and flatware for your table settings, there are a few simple rules to keep in mind to help you stay away from those pesky table setting faux pas.


Faux Pas Fix #1: Keep it simple.

There is no need to have everything (including the kitchen sink!) on your table to make it look fabulous. Having space on the table, especially in between serving platters in the middle of the table, can give a visually appealing look to your table. Too much on the tabletop can result in a cluttered look and your guests will miss out on appreciating any great centrepieces you may have created, that beautiful table cloth you set the table with or those gorgeous serving pieces you just invested in.


Faux Pas Fix #2: Keep the coffee cups off your table until dessert.

Even though this may seem trivial, it really can add to the clutter on the table and make it look unfinished. Coffee cups, sugar bowls and creamers should not hit the table until dessert is served.


Faux Pas Fix #3: Napkins in wine glasses do not mesh.

I have seen this look done many times before and it really doesn’t add anything to your table but more stuff. You want to create a look where your guests will be able to see the entire table surface. If you start stuffing napkins into your wine glasses, you create a visual barrier which creates less impact. Keep your napkins low on the table top to easily create a nice visual interest on your table.


Faux Pas Fix #4: Don’t forget your glow.

If you are going to go to all that trouble to create a beautiful table, don’t forget your candles. Candles create instant and inexpensive ambience and everyone looks great in candlelight. For maximum impact, add candles of different heights. A variety makes for the most stunning look.



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