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Abigail Pugh is a Toronto-based writer, mother and interior-style devotee. If she happens not to be in the middle of a major renovation, she contents herself with rearranging instead.

Splurge vs. Steal: Nesting Side Tables

Posted by Abigail Pugh Wednesday, November 7, 2012 11:15 AM EST


There is simply nothing not to love about a helpful group of tables, each tucked under the other like a pack of cards.


The Splurge: Box Frame nesting tables, West Elm; $258.34

West Elm nesting tables


The Steal: KLUBBO nesting tables, IKEA; $99

IKEA nesting tables


In the dining room, your nesting tables can spring suddenly into action to hold decanters, the salad everyone’s done with, or dessert. In the living room, they’re emergency supper-on-the-sofa vehicles: perfect for soup in front of the TV. When you’re done slurping, storing or displaying, your nesting tables cluster back together in their inimitable, space-saving way. Totally subservient: just how I like my furniture.


Boxy, timeless and simple is a good look to go for. You want these workhorses performing for you for a long time to come.


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Topics: Bargains, Splurge, Nesting Tables, Modern, Contemporary, Wood, Marble


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