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Abigail Pugh is a Toronto-based writer, mother and interior-style devotee. If she happens not to be in the middle of a major renovation, she contents herself with rearranging instead.

Splurge vs. Steal: Mirrored Bedroom Dressers

Posted by Abigail Pugh Tuesday, December 18, 2012 9:00 AM EST


What’s feminine, yet can also read as quite masculine if accessorized right? What’s a looking glass but also a place to put your socks? What’s “Hollywood Glamour” yet also design-relevant right now? Mirrored bedroom dressers. The use of these light-reflecting, room-enlarging pieces is a gorgeous trend that’s showing up splurge and steal levels, and everywhere in between.


The Splurge: Antiqued mirrored chest, Tanya’s Furniture & Bath Gallery; $1095

Mirrored Dresser-splurge


The Steal: Hayworth mirrored chest, Pier1 Imports; $599 US

Mirrored Dresser-steal


The mirrored look works for dressing tables as well as bedside tables but, personally, I love the chests for their solid functionality. What could be more functional than pulling out your clothes and checking your hair at the same time?


The bigger, brighter and simpler the piece, the less likely your mirrors will seem “dainty” — unless it’s dainty you’re going for, which is also to be applauded.


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