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Alicia Cox Thomson is a digital media consultant and PR professional with a passion for all things pretty and creative. Some of her favourites include the city of Barcelona, costume designer Edith Head, butcher block countertops and the colour orange.

Social Media Saturday: What Three Hosts Would You Invite For Dinner?

Posted by Alicia Cox Thomson Saturday, October 16, 2010 9:56 AM EDT


Sometimes our Tweeps crack me up. Example: After I tweeted a link to Bryan Baeumler's tips on installing drywall, @lovelaughshop replied: I think it would be easier if he just came over and showed me ;) I then got to thinking...which hosts would I like to come over?

It was tough, but I chose Samantha Pynn from Pure Design because she's really just lovely in person, Tommy Smythe from Sarah's House because -- of course -- he's hilarious and Phil Spencer from Location, Location, Location because, well, I have a crush, OK?

I threw the question out to the Twitter-verse and here's some of the picks (everyone loves Sarah!):

Besides Bryan, @lovelaughshop chose:

@vinyara_lara was practical, choosing Sarah, Genevieve Gorder and Green Force's Carson for decorating and landscaping advice:

@SAHMum and I have Phil in common:

@mjhtvchick and @lovelaughshop have similar taste in party guests:

And @zazoupr chose Samantha Pynn three times over...why? Sam designed her kitchen (one of my favourite kitchens EVER) on Pure Design, check out the gallery!

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